Why Can’t You Exclude Bats During The Protected Season?

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Bats are an integral part of every ecosystem, especially in a coastal city ""like Tampa. Bats are a natural way to keep the insect population minimized, which is great news for Floridians, as we’re always dealing with pesky mosquitos. But no matter how helpful they are to our world, we never want bats in our homes. Since most bats are protected animals, there are very specific rules you must follow in order to get them out.

How We Exclude

The most popular way to remove bats from your home is with one-way exit devices. When you hire a professional bat removal service like Critter Control® of Tampa, these one-way devices will be placed in specific locations to allow the bats to exit the building, but not reenter. It is important that an untrained person never attempts to remove bats on their own, for multiple reasons:

  • You will frighten the bats, causing them to retreat further into your home or business, making a greater chance that they will die.
  • You may damage your home while you attempt to capture them.
  • You may be attacked by the bats while trying to remove them, exposing you to dangerous diseases like rabies.

Mating Season

During the months of June, July, and August, bats are in the midst of their mating season. You are legally prohibited from removing or excluding bats from your home or business during these months. This is because bats are protected, and attempting to remove a family of bats can easily result in the death of the bat pup, and since bats only have one pup a year, it can drastically affect your local bat population. If you try to exclude or remove during this time, bat babies may get separated from their mothers, causing confusing them and eventually leading them to death. You may encounter removal companies who will exclude or remove bats during these times. However, it is illegal and should never be done.

Keep You and the Bats Safe

To make sure all parties involved during a bat infestation stay safe, you must hire a professional removal company. At Critter Control® of Tampa, we care for both you and the critters in your home, which is why we will always use our state of the art tools and over three decades of knowledge to remove bats from your home or business. For more information, or tips on how to deal with bats during the mating season, call our experts today.

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