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Rodents are becoming an increasingly common issue for many in the mouse-trapTampa area as they can infiltrate a home through even the smallest crack or hole. Unfortunately, getting the intruders out is often more difficult than letting them in. Of the DIY mouse removal options on the market, mouse traps are by far the most common. These simple devices can be quite effective if used correctly, but even a small user error can make them ineffective.

Check for these common mouse trapping mistakes:

Too Few Traps

Because mice quickly adapt to their surroundings, most are caught on the first night that traps are set out. Planting more traps than you think to be necessary will increase your odds of success.

Incorrect Bait

Thanks to movies and cartoons, many people think cheese is the ideal bait for a mouse trap, which simply isn’t true. Mice prefer nuts and seeds, and peanut butter makes for a perfect way to bait a trap.


Generally, mice avoid open spaces and stick to secluded areas or the edges of a room when moving about. Use this knowledge to help you place your traps effectively.

Your Scent

A common mistake people make is handling traps or bait with bare hands. Doing so leaves your scent all over the place and alerts the mice of danger. Wearing protective latex or nitrile gloves is a perfect way to avoid this.

Tampa Rodent Control

Mice can be some of the most annoying, troublesome critters once they find their way into your home. Following these tips will help your DIY trapping efforts to be more successful, but if you require additional assistance, call the experts here at Critter Control® of Tampa. We’ve been protecting people and homes from the dangers of animal infestation for over 30 years, and we can help you too. Call us today with any questions, or to schedule a consultation.

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