Why You Shouldn’t Use Poison on Your Commercial Pest Problem

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Poison on Your Commercial Pest ProblemWildlife infestations are an undeniable inconvenience to commercial buildings. They can result in huge setbacks from repair costs and even cause profit pitfalls that send businesses into the red. Because the likelihood of loss might tempt you to find the quickest fix for your company, we’ve laid out the long-term implications of toxically treating your pest problem.

Hurting the Environment

Pest control shortcuts can leave lasting scars on your company and your local environment. For example, if you spread a poisonous solution in troubled areas of your building, a smaller rodent, like a rat or mouse, could ingest it. If that rat or mouse manages to make it out of your building and is eaten by a predator species, like a hawk or owl, the initial poison treatment will end up bringing harm to wildlife that hasn’t even bothered your building.

Attracting Other Pests

When you use poison to treat your pest problem, you’re left with the remains of dead rats, mice, or squirrels that can stir up an entirely different infestation. Because some pests, like ants, maggots, and flies, feed or lay eggs on larger pests that have passed. These insects are often attracted to dead animals, as they produce a foul stench that flows throughout the nearby area. So, the larger your initial pest problem, the larger your secondary one will be.

Ignoring the Problem

Even if you manage to fatally injure every wild animal causing a commotion inside your business, you won’t have treated the source of your issue. And, the simple use of a toxic treatment won’t prevent other animals from entering. To truly keep pests out, seal each point of entry and uncover the food, water, or other substance attracting them to your commercial building.

Commercial Pest Professionals of Tampa

You can’t fight fire with fire, and you shouldn’t fight a pest problem with poison. Because, there are countless ways to effectively treat a commercial pest problem without turning to toxins. At Critter Control® of Tampa, we offer a range of humane wildlife solutions to safely secure your building and preserve the local environment. Our team of wildlife professionals can remove any unwanted animals with natural tactics and survey your space to understand how to keep them from returning. To schedule a free consultation for your business, call us today.

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