Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Animal Damage?

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""When it comes to animal damage, your homeowner’s insurance policy may be able to help you cover some of the cost of repairs in one of two ways depending on the type of animal. The first way is through dwelling coverage (also known as dwelling insurance). As long as the damage is part of the covered hazards, the policy can help you pay to rebuild and repair the structure of your home in addition to attached structures such as the garage deck, or porch. If a structure on your property is damaged, but is not connected to your house, such as a detached garage, fence, or shed, you may be covered under other structures coverage.

Raccoons, bats, opossums, and groundhogs are the animals that are generally covered, whereas rodents such as squirrels, rats, and mice are typically excluded under a ‘rodent and vermin’ clause. The best way to identify the specific pest problems you are dealing with and whether or not your homeowner’s insurance will cover it, is by having a certified wildlife inspection performed by an experienced technician at Critter Control® of Tampa.

During the inspection, we will check your home from rooftop to foundation, accurately determining the critter, and assessing all damages they have may have caused to your property. We will also advise you as to whether or not your wildlife problem may or may not meet the requirements needed for your claim, and give you a detailed report of our findings that you can turn into your insurance company.

While it may seem intimidating to reach out to claims representatives or insurance adjusters to file a claim, we want our customers to know we are here for them during the entire process. With over 30 years of experience, Critter Control® of Tampa knows how crucial it is to remove the animals and repair the damages as quickly as possible. Whether you need screens replaced, siding repaired, or a total attic restoration, we have the tools and knowledge to get your home back to its original state before the animal infestation. For a free estimate, call us today.

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