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Mice in the Attic

Although it’s common to see mice in areas of the home such as the kitchen, garage, or basement, they typically prefer the safety your attic provides. There, they can stay hidden from both humans and predators, while they set up their living quarters and raise their young.


One of the most common signs people notice initially is the pitter-patter sounds of mice feet scurrying around in the attic or up and down behind the walls. However, because of their size, sometimes it takes a homeowner finding evidence of chewing, droppings, or nesting debris to realize they have a mice infestation.


Although mice are small, they can create significant damage in your attic, resulting in costly repairs. Like all rodents, they love to chew. Mice have incisors that continuously grow throughout their life, which causes them to gnaw on anything and everything to wear them down and keep them from overgrowing.

Mice can also create electrical and plumbing problems by chewing through wiring and water pipes as well as health issues from leaving their droppings all over your attic.


Some of the most frequent places mice enter your attic are through roof vents and broken eaves, as well as chimneys that have no protection. It takes merely a loose grate or one damaged shingle and, because homeowners rarely inspect their roofs unless there is an issue, it’s easy for mice to make their way in without ever being detected.


To completely remove mice from your attic, you must seal all of the possible exterior entry holes. You can then set out multiple traps in the locations of chew marks, droppings, and urine. Seeing that mice are creatures of habit, taking the same path to and from their nests, they will return to those areas since they already know them to be safe.

If getting rid of the mice in your attic seems like a massive undertaking, contact the wildlife experts at Critter Control® of Tampa. We have over three decades of animal removal experience, so you can rest assured that your mice problem will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. For a free attic inspection and for more information regarding our attic insulation and restoration services, call us today at 813.948.0870.

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