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Being a coastal city, there are many things that can drive rats into the homes of Tarpon Springs rats in homeresidences, the most common being storms. When the sea brings rough weather over the coast, small critters like rats will try to seek shelter wherever they can find it, and if your home is not adequately protected, it could become a rat safe haven. It would be one thing if they came and left after the storm passed, but in most cases, rats will enjoy your home so much that they’ll take up residence. When rats live in your home, they’ll cause many costly damages to the infrastructure, and they can even expose you to potentially deadly diseases like leptospirosis.

The Issue

Once you know rats have made it inside your home, it is important for you to take action to remove them immediately. Rats reproduce at an alarming rate, so in a matter of days, your infestation could double. With more rats, this means more damage to your home and a greater chance of spreading disease.

How We’ll Help

When you call on the services of Critter Control® Tampa, you’ll be guaranteed fast, quality service. When a technician comes to your home, you can expect our four-step process to be implemented.

  1. Inspection- When they technician arrives at your home for your free consultation, they’ll locate the infestation and determine how large and how complex it is.
  2. Removal- Once the infestation has been appropriately sized up, the technician will work with you to come up with the best plan on how to remove the rats in your home.
  3. Restoration- Our technicians are also trained in repairing and deep cleaning your home. So once all the rats have been removed, they’ll start the recovery This includes restoring attic insulation if needed.
  4. Prevention- When your house has been restored to its normal state, we’ll do one last scan to make sure all the entry and exit points the rats made are sealed up tightly, to help prevent any future infestations.

At the first sign of rats invading your Tarpon Springs home, call Critter Control® Tampa. You and your family’s safety will always be our number one priority, so let us prove it to you. Contact us at 813-948-0870 for your free consultation.

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