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Tampa, Florida residents and business owners are no strangers to rats. They create nesting sites in shutterstock_153443483walls, attics, or even under your foundation. Because they reproduce rapidly and can transmit deadly diseases to humans, it is very important that each home or business owner take precautions to hinder infestations. Long term rat control methods requires some effort, but it is well worth it to prevent illnesses and deter structural damage.

Importance of Control

Rats are very flexible and only require a ¾ inch wide space to enter a structure. A space this small is not always noticeable, so it’s a good idea to check your walls, ceilings, roof, and foundations to ensure there are no easily accessible entry points. Once inside, rats chew on insulation, electrical wiring, furniture, food containers, clothing, etc. This helps with their constantly growing incisor teeth that they seek to wear down. If they make their way into your air ducts, the spores from their feces will blow throughout your ventilation system and leave everyone susceptible to diseases like leptospirosis or rat bite fever. Critter Control® knows all the stresses and added costs this can bring so continuous control methods are recommended.

Control Methods

The best method of rat control is prevention. Early implication will help Tampa residents keep their home and businesses free from these nibbling pests. Residents should:

  • Store food and trash in tightly sealed containers
  • Alter landscaping to eliminate rodent hiding places
  • Keep home clutter free; especially from paper or cardboard
  • Ensure that all possible entry points are properly sealed
  • Combine efforts with neighbors to be more effective

Though preventative methods are very useful, they aren’t always fool proof. If you believe your home or business has been infiltrated by rats, seek professional assistance. Our expert team at Critter Control® of Tampa is thoroughly trained to humanely exclude several species, including Norway and brown rats, black rats, roof rats and more.

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