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Do Armadillos Live in Cities?

Do Armadillos Live in Cities?While they are not native to Florida, armadillos have managed to adapt well both to Tampa and the rest of the state’s ecosystem. More commonly found in yards rather than inside homes, armadillos can be a lawn and garden’s worst nightmare as they destroy beautiful landscaping by digging holes in the ground in search of insects to eat. Unfortunately, their populations in urbanized areas have greatly increased, causing the number of complaints our experts receive to rise.

Armadillo Natural Habitats

Because they rely on insects for food, armadillos are not typically found in large cities. Instead, they prefer more urbanized environments where food and water are prevalent. While they may venture into cities, woodsy environments are more their style. Armadillos have sometimes been spotted on man-made greenways, such as golf courses or along roads, looking for food.

Identifying Armadillos

Armadillos are about two feet long and weigh 10–15 pounds on average. They can be easily identified by the shield-like plates covering their entire body. These keratin plates allow them to roll up into a ball for protection from predators. They are either brown or gray in color, with a long, sticky tongue and pointed snout. They have extremely short legs with very sharp claws that help them dig for food.

Armadillo Damage

City residents may not need to be concerned with armadillo damage, but those who live in urbanized neighborhoods or own businesses near wooded areas should be on the lookout. While the damage caused by armadillos may appear to be cosmetic, there are more pressing threats. Due to their burrowing habits, the structural integrity of homes, buildings, roads, and bridges can be compromised. Severe damage to these infrastructures can lead to traffic accidents and related injuries.

Contact Professionals

Armadillos can be dangerous. They carry harmful diseases that can be transmitted to humans. If you have seen an armadillo around your property or believe there may be an armadillo problem in your neighborhood, please contact our Critter Control® of Tampa professionals at 813-948-0870 today for your free consultation.

Are Armadillos Dangerous?

Are Armadillos Dangerous? Through rapid breeding, South American armadillos found their way to Gulf Coast states like Florida. Armadillos are mostly seen as harmless creatures and unfortunate victims of roadkill. However, with armadillo populations increasing in Florida, certain safety and health risks may also increase. Let’s go over some common facts about armadillos to understand potential problems and identify solutions.

Leprosy and Other Diseases

Armadillos usually stand motionless when a predator is approaching. But when posed with a serious threat, an armadillo will claw and bite. Through clawing and biting, these armored critters can transmit leprosy, rabies, and other harmful diseases.

Humans aren’t likely to pick a fight with an armadillo, but household pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits might engage with them. If your pet catches a disease from an armadillo, infection is more likely to spread to your family. Although it’s rare for an armadillo to bite or claw another animal, it’s best to keep these critters away from your home.

Burrowing and Home Damage

An armadillo’s claws also come in handy for digging. Although armadillos are foragers, they can still cause a lot of damage and build dens nearly eight inches wide and up to 15 feet deep. They create several dens in one area to search for shelter and food. And armadillos are more likely to dig in areas with loose soil, shrubbery, and insects—the typical contents of a backyard in Florida.

When armadillos burrow for insects and vegetation, this can damage your lawn. Armadillos may also burrow under your home fairly quickly when they get too comfortable. This can lead to cracked concrete, broken pipes, and weakened building structures that put your home and its inhabitants at risk.

How to Avoid the Damage

Armadillos will not directly put you in danger. However, being around this critter overtime can increase your chances of being exposed to diseases and property damage. Rather than wondering about the destruction armadillos can bring, allow Critter Control® of Tampa to safely remove the hazard altogether. Our expert technicians are ready to carefully remove any creatures threatening your safety. Call us today for a free consultation at 813-948-0870.

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