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Bees are one of the most common stinging insects in the United States, particularly in Tampa — where temperatures and humidity levels tend to run high. This region of Florida provides a great environment for bees to nest, but the result isn’t always great for residents of the area. Especially for those with allergies, having a hive of bees nearby can be a serious health hazard.bee removal tampa

It’s no secret that bees are essential to nature, but they can still be a cause for concern when they nest too close to local homes. While we want our customers to understand the benefits of bees, we also know that these insects can be highly dangerous and create serious pest problems. That’s why our staff at Critter Control® of Tampa is trained to identify all types of bees and provide quick, efficient, and humane bee removal services.

Identifying Specific Bee Species

A variety of different bee species live in The Sunshine State, and it can be difficult to tell them apart — even when an entire colony has nested near your home. In Tampa, however, it’s likely that you’re dealing with one of a few basic types of bees or similar stinging insects: honeybees, bumblebees, yellow jackets, carpenter bees, or hornets. While insects like honeybees are widely known for their painful sting, there are certain bees that don’t sting at all — such as male carpenter bees.

But whether you’re allergic to bees, afraid of the insects, or just unaware of how to properly handle this pest problem, you should never attempt to deal with an infestation on your own. To stay safe and fully informed about which type of insect is nesting on your property, call the Critter Control® of Tampa team. We can quickly identify the species, locate every nesting area, and strategize a plan to safely remove them from the area.

Why Bees Are a Big Deal

Over 300 of the 20,000 different bee species reside right here in Florida. Most of these bees work almost exclusively to pollinate flowers and produce honey in their hive. In fact, these insects are such efficient pollinators that they are responsible for the existence of about one-third of the food we eat. This makes their recent decline in population especially alarming, which is why it’s important that trained professionals be the only ones to handle bees.

Bees were recently added to the endangered species list because these highly valuable insects are steadily dropping in numbers. So, instead of exterminating or destroying a beehive on your own, consider calling the bee removal specialists at Critter Control® of Tampa. Our licensed and highly trained staff can handle the hive and the bees inside while ensuring that you stay out of harm’s way.

Protecting Yourself From Bees

In addition to keeping the bee population safe, it’s important to keep you and your family safe. Though bees are not typically aggressive towards humans, these insects are more likely to swarm and attack when they feel threatened or think their hive is in danger. Of course, a bee attack can be hazardous to your health if you have an allergic reaction to the insects. However, it can also be extremely dangerous if you are stung by multiple bees at once — even without an allergy.

Bees commonly nest on roofs or eaves, but you might occasionally find one of their nests on the ground. Hornets and yellow jackets are particularly adept at building ground nests, which is why it can be tough to tell these insects apart. Fortunately, the team at Critter Control® of Tampa can quickly identify stinging insect species and implement long-term prevention methods. Using non-lethal sprays in areas bees often build nests, for example, is just one way our team of professionals deters the insects from settling near your household. In addition, we’ll seal entry points, including holes, cracks, and gaps, along the side of your home to prevent insects and other unwanted pests from nesting inside.

Call the Bee Removal Professionals

Choosing a pest control specialist that uses safe and humane bee removal tactics is vital to preserving the bee population for generations to come. At Critter Control® of Tampa, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to solve your bee problem and prevent hives from forming on your property in the future. Call us today at 813.948.0870 for a free consultation.


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