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Wild animals are a necessary and beautiful part of the Florida landscape, but when they come too close to your home, they can become a problem. While squirrels, mice, possums, and the like may seem innocent enough, having them in your home can pose a serious risk to the health and safety of you and your family. They can also inflict expensive damage upon your attic’s insulation and the overall well-being of your home.

Rather than attempt to deal with invading critters on your own, trust the wildlife removal specialists from Critter Control of Tampa. Since 1983, we’ve handled animal removal and exclusion for our friends and neighbors throughout the Tampa metropolitan area.

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Critter Control of Tampa’s Wildlife Removal Solutions

Our wildlife removal techniques are humane, environmentally-friendly, and adhere to all federal and Florida state guidelines. Our mission is and always has been to take care of you and the critter that found its way into your home or business.

At Critter Control of Tampa, we don’t stop at removing wildlife from your home. We can also prevent the problem from reoccurring with our preventative wildlife exclusions, such as exclusive entries, screens for vents, and more.

In the event that a critter does find its way indoors, we’ll work closely with you to determine the best way to remove it again. When your home is once again wildlife-free, we’ll safeguard it against further infestations. As part of our guarantee, we’ll also repair the damage caused by the animal reentry, free of charge.

Trust Critter Control of Tampa to Remove Wildlife

Whether a squirrel is huddled on your roof or an opossum family has completely taken over your attic, you can count on Critter Control of Tampa’s wildlife removal services. For almost four decades, we’ve given Tampa homeowners peace of mind and reliable wildlife removal solutions for critters of all kinds.

If you’re suffering from a wildlife infestation, it’s critical to solve it as soon as possible; call Critter Control today to set up a consultation.


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