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When you hear skittering in your attic or scratching in your crawlspace, it’s likely a sign that you have a critter lurking in your home. While it can be unsettling and dangerous to have a critter in your home damaging insulation and wiring, you shouldn’t try to rid your home of critters yourself. When you call the professionals at Critter Control you can rest easy knowing that we will safely and humanely remove critters from your home.

Our wildlife technicians are certified and knowledgeable of the local wildlife in your area and how to swiftly and safely remove them from your home. For humane wildlife solutions you can trust,  contact our team for immediate assistance.

Professional Wildlife Control and Removal Services

When critters invade your home or business and start causing damage, it’s easy to assume the best way to deal with unwanted wildlife is to kill it. But that’s not always the case. Some forms of wildlife are protected, like bats, and require professional expertise to safely and legally remove them. The wildlife experts at Critter Control are aware of these protections and work in conjunction with state and federal laws, as well as local agencies to humanely manage and remove wildlife.

In addition to lawful wildlife exclusion and removal, we understand that many of the wildlife you may encounter carry a host of diseases that can make you very ill or worse. That’s why our wildlife management programs address health concerns as well.

No matter if squirrels claw their way into insulation or if raccoons decide to raid trash cans, we can safeguard your home or business against:

Don’t forget to take advantage of our prevention and repair services following the removal of the critter terrorizing your space. Our specialists will not only repair any damage but also apply prevention and exclusion techniques to ensure your wildlife troubles are a thing of the past. Because critters are unpredictable, we provide a guarantee that we will remove any re-invaders and take care of any associated repairs, free of charge.

Pest Control Services from Critter Control

Our expertise goes beyond wildlife removal, we’re also trained in humane, environmentally conscious pest removal. You don’t have to fret if ants come marching through your home or if spiders are taking up residence in your basement, we offer a number of pest control solutions that will restore your peace of mind. Critters aren’t the only things that can cause severe damage to your home. Though they are small, some pests can do a number on your home so it’s important to call the professionals to safely remove them before they reproduce out of control.

Where animal invaders have entered your home or business, we will provide a free inspection and exclusion assessment—a $399 value.

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For decades, Critter Control of Tampa has garnered a reputation as the trusted expert in wildlife removal, prevention, and exclusion. Not only will we remove the offending critter, but we’ll also repair the damage sustained from the infestation. Using a series of mechanical traps, monitors, netting and screening, and more, we’ll help you restore peace of mind to your home and safeguard your fortress from future breaches.

Send those raccoons and other pesky critters running for the hills and give us a call to set up your free estimate or contact us online.

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