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At Critter Control of Tampa, we believe that the best wildlife removal services are the ones that aren’t required. It’s much easier and safer to prevent wildlife from entering your home than it is to deal with them once they’ve entered.hawk

No one likes the idea of wildlife tearing up their yard or invading their home. However, many of Critter Control’s customers have absorbed the idea that the best way to deal with a wildlife pest is to kill it. At Critter Control of Tampa, we find many extermination methods inhumane and environmentally unsafe.

We have also learned that killing wildlife does not get rid of the problem; it only rids you of one animal or a particular group of animals. Those same creatures will eventually come back to your home or yard if not excluded, because they have learned they can get what they need from you. At Critter Control, we use wildlife management programs that offer humane, permanent solutions.

How Our Programs Work

Our wildlife management programs in Tampa work in conjunction with state and federal laws, as well as local agencies that help manage wildlife. We also use several humane methods when performing animal control. These include non-lethal sprays for stinging insects and similar troublemakers, including spiders. We also use humane traps, release-on-sight programs, and one-way doors, among other exclusion methods.

Our wildlife management programs encompass public health concerns as well. The wildlife Critter Control encounters carries a host of diseases including salmonella, tularemia, tuberculosis, rat bite fever, Q fever, and a variety of parasites. We work to educate our customers about basic precautions they can take, such as never cleaning up animal feces or urine and never removing an animal corpse yourself. When you call Critter Control of Tampa regarding an animal corpse or waste, we will thoroughly inspect your home for signs of animals and perform a deep cleanup with environmentally friendly agents. We will also remove dead animals for you.

Finally, never worry that our wildlife management programs cannot help you with your wildlife issues. Our experts deal with all kinds of animals, including various rodents, snakes, skunks, and even armadillos and wild hogs. We work directly with our customers to formulate personalized removal and exclusion plans. If you need our help, don’t hesitate. Contact us or call 813.948.0870 for an appointment today.

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