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Pigeons in Tampa may cause problems because they travel in flocks, and they can create a large mess. If you own a business, flocks of pigeons can inhabit the areas outside of your building, leaving droppings on cars and entrances to your organization. In homes and businesses they can nest in attics and crawl spaces, leaving behind a mess to clean up in addition to odor and destruction of property.

Tampa Pigeon Control

When most people think of pigeons, they think of urban areas. While these birds are common in cities, Critter Control of Tampa sees them in all our service areas, including rural locations. Pigeons can be useful in some cases – for example, some people raise homing pigeons. Usually though, they are household and business pests that ruin architecture and carry diseases. In fact, pigeons are known as some of the filthiest birds in existence. If you are having pigeon problems, Critter Control is here to help.

Identifying Pigeons

Pigeons weigh 13 ounces on average and measure only 11 inches. Pigeons are usually gray with white rumps, although many of them have black bands on their wing and tail feathers. They may also have black, brown, or tan areas on their bodies. Another identifying characteristic is their distinctive red feet.

Why Pigeons are Pests

Pigeons are pests for several reasons. First, they aren’t picky about where they build nests. Pigeons love high places such as eaves, roofs, and attics, but if the architecture allows them to stay off the ground, they will nest there. This is why you often see pigeons roosting on statues, arches, and other forms of architecture. They travel in large flocks, making it difficult to trap and exclude them.

Pigeons in Tampa are also pests because they rely heavily on human activity for survival. For example, you’ve probably seen a flock of pigeons roosting or flying around a public park. They are often looking for food, and some people feed them on purpose. This not only poses a threat to the pigeon – they can choke on bread and other scraps humans offer – but also increases humans’ chances of contracting serious diseases.

Pigeons are carriers for toxoplasmosis and encephalitis, two of the most difficult diseases to diagnose and treat in humans. In fact, these diseases can be fatal if not treated right away. Additionally, pigeons carry a plethora of parasites including lice, fleas, and ticks. Their droppings hold a variety of germs and stain everything, gradually destroying buildings or other animals’ space.

If you have a pigeon problem, contact Critter Control of Tampa or call 813.948.0870 immediately for a thorough inspection and cleanup.

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