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At a glance, pigeons may look like annoying but harmless birds in search of bread crumbs at the park. However, as pests drawn to human activity and buildings, pigeons have certainly earned the title of “rats with wings.” From E. coli, fleas, and lice to their acidic, bacteria-filled droppings, these feathered fiends can spread harmful diseases and parasites to humans and quickly damage property in Tampa and throughout Florida.

Tempted to get rid of the pigeons invading your space? It’s best to leave the pest control to your local experts—without proper training and protective gear, you could breathe in the harmful bacteria from pigeons’ nest, pick up a parasite, or potentially get pecked by one of these feathery fiends. Learn more about pigeons, the issues they may cause, and why you should call the local pest experts from Critter Control of Tampa to solve your pigeon problems.

Types of Pigeons in Florida

While “doves” may seem like too pleasant of a term to describe these pests, pigeons are actually considered types of doves. In fact, many of the dove and pigeon species considered pests in the United States are invasive species, having been transported from Europe or Asia. W how to identify these species and what issues they may cause for your home or business.

Rock Pigeon

Rock pigeons, also known as rock doves, are considered the “stereotypical” pigeons you see huddled on roofs or pecking at crumbs on the street. Originally found in Europe, these pigeons have plump blue-gray bodies with small heads and two black bands on each wing.

They depend heavily on human resources, feeding on food waste and nesting on city buildings and suburban homes. Their acidic droppings can discolor wood and weaken metalwork, causing potentially dangerous structural damage and expensive repairs. In addition to property damage, their droppings can also pose a safety hazard for spreading diseases and slipping on sidewalks.

Mourning Dove

Some people may find the gentle coo of mourning doves to be pleasant. However, others may consider it an unwelcome wakeup call in the morning. In addition to their distinctive call, mourning doves can be identified by their tan coloring and black-speckled markings.

While they may not depend as heavily on human resources as rock pigeons do, they can spread diseases and damage property.

Mourning doves carry tapeworms, mites, and lice, which they can potentially spread to you or your family if they nest on or near your home. Additionally, they can damage the appearance or structural integrity of buildings with droppings, or cause water damage by clogging your gutters with their nests.

Eurasian-collared Dove

Like the rock pigeon, the Eurasian-collared dove is considered an invasive species. Once native to Europe, Asia, and Africa, this plump, tan bird with a black ring around its neck is considered a serious agricultural pest throughout the United States, as it feeds on grain and berries. While they mainly target rural areas, these birds are prone to nesting in cities and suburban areas as well. Similarly to other pigeons and doves, they can spread diseases and damage property.

Professional and Humane Pigeon Control in Tampa

Even though they often cause frustrating property damage, there are still benefits to having pigeons around. In addition to keeping insect populations in check and cleaning up human food waste, pigeons are often a key food source for birds of prey, such as hawks and falcons. Some species, such as the white-crowned pigeon, are endangered and protected by state law.

Instead of exterminating these unwelcome guests on your property, we can safely and humanely remove them to another area. Our trained technicians have the specialized pigeon-repelling hardware to stop them from flocking to your property, whether you need temporary or long-term prevention. If pigeons manage to return during the warranty period, we guarantee, free of charge, that we’ll remove them and repair any damage.

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We take pride in offering pigeon control and services in greater Tampa and the following communities:

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