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Unwanted nuisance animals can prove to be more than a headache, they can be downright dangerous and a hazard to your health. It may seem like a simple job to remove a nuisance animal, but the job is best left to a professional who is trained in the safe removal of wildlife.

We offer a wide range of different wildlife management services here at Critter Control. Our wildlife removal experts can help with any type of infestation, regardless of the type of animal.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having a wild animal that has died inside your home, Critter Control can help with that. We are highly experienced in dead animal removal, and understand the care and attention to detail required to remove the animal and remove any dead animal smell left over.

Nuisance animals are already carriers of various types of diseases, and if one dies in your home, it can become home to an ever wider variety of disease, threatening the wellbeing of both you and your family. They tend to be found in difficult to reach places as well, such as chimneys, inside walls, or attics. This is all the more reason to give the trained technicians a call if you find yourself with a dead animal removal problem.

Even once the dead animal has been removed from your home, the problem may not be over. Depending on how long they have been there, they may have given off a foul odor which can permeate your home. We specialize in the removal of any dead animal smell though, so rest assured we can restore your home to the point that it seems like nothing ever happened.

If you suspect an animal has perished in your home, or there’s a dead animal smell in your home, call Critter Control right away at 813-948-0870. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can remove the dead animal, and eliminate their associated odors. Call us with any questions you may have about our dead animal removal services.

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