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It’s not just live critters that can present a problem to Tampa area homeowners—dead animals can be equally, if not more, of an issue. Once animals pass away, their bodies begin to decompose, releasing foul-smelling chemicals that can waft throughout your entire living space. And in a warm, humid state like Florida, the odor from dead animals can become even more intense.

If you suspect an animal has died in your home, don’t waste time in contacting wildlife removal specialists. The sooner you can remove the animal, the faster you can return to your fresh-smelling life in Tampa.

Learn how to identify whether you’ve got a dead animal in your home, and contact Critter Control of Tampa’s experts for all your animal removal needs.

What do dead animals smell like?

As any homeowner knows, your house can often fall victim to a variety of unpleasant smells. From pet odors and water damage to the scent of sewage floating up through your plumbing, there are many suspects for the strange smell in your home aside from dead animals.

As critters decompose, they release certain chemicals, such as sulfur dioxide and methane. These chemicals have a unique, unpleasant scent that is often described as rotten eggs or a freshly-struck match.

Not sure what kind of odor you’ve noticed in your home? Critter Control of Tampa’s experienced wildlife technicians will gladly inspect and identify the scent for your peace of mind. Schedule a free inspection today!

Where can I find the source of dead animal smells?

With the help of air vents, the odor of dead animals can easily spread throughout your home. The smell is likely to be stronger, however, near the area where the animal has died. If you’ve noticed a foul smell in your home, check the common areas that critters may invade, such as:

  • Attics
  • Wall voids
  • Basements
  • Sheds

As soon as you realize where the strongest-smelling areas are, bring in a wildlife technician to confirm you have a dead animal. Even if they’re no longer living, critters carry a variety of harmful diseases that trigger allergic reactions and cause serious health problems.

How did an animal get into my home?

Oftentimes, animals will invade your home through air vents, damaged roofing, or simply by chewing their way through walls or wooden structures. Additionally, whether they consumed something harmful in your home or they’ve reached the end of their life, animals often try to hide from predators as they die, which makes your quiet attic or basement a desirable resting place.

How can I get rid of the dead animal smell?

The best way to eliminate the scent of dead animals is to have it removed from your home. You may be tempted to charge into your attic with rubber gloves and a trash bag, but resist the urge. Without the proper equipment and training, you may breathe in harmful bacteria from the rotting carcass and turn your wildlife nuisance into an even more serious problem. Critter Control has the equipment and expertise to safely remove dead animals from your home and get rid of the lingering smell.

Rid Your Home of Dead Animal Smells with Critter Control of Tampa

From opossums and raccoons to rats, there are plenty of critters that may spend their final days somewhere inside your home. As soon as you notice a foul odor in your home, bring in the professionals from Critter Control of Tampa.

Since 1983, we’ve been committed to serving all the pest and wildlife control needs of residents and business owners throughout the Tampa area. From live animal removals to eliminating the odor of deceased wildlife with our cleaning services, we’ve got you covered for any surprise that critters may throw at you.

Eliminate the scent of dead animals from your home or business today—contact Critter Control of Tampa.

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