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Insulation is vital for any home, but it is especially important to us those of us in Tampa who must run the A/C just about all year long. Bugs, rodents, and animals will often seek refuge in attics because the insulation provides a comfortable home for them and their offspring. Mice in the attic can cause the destruction of the insulation and leave a foul odor. They also carry parasites of their own like lice and fleas that can enter the home and affect the health of you and your family.Financing

If you think you may have wildlife such as squirrels in your attic, it pays to act fast. We at Critter Control of Tampa will come out and perform a free attic inspection to assess your issue. From there, we’ll remove any pests from the space and address how they got there in the first place.

The problem might not end when the animals are gone, though. Animals in your attic can easily damage the insulation, causing your house to be much less energy efficient. In addition, insulation is absorbent and can hold onto bacteria and odor left behind from the critters.

After your initial inspection, Critter Control of Tampa will:

  • Detect and identify animal noises
  • Remove animals and pests
  • Prevent future animal entry
  • Clean and disinfect the area
  • Remove animal droppings
  • Eliminate dead animal smell
  • Replace contaminated insulation

Concerned with pesticides in your home? No problem. Simply ask us for our Eco-Wise™ brand of botanical pest control products.

Critter Control of Tampa inspects insulation to see if it matches to the U.S. Department of Energy’s guidelines. Having your insulation up to par with their standards means your home will be as energy efficient as possible.BBB Accredited Business

Schedule your free home assessment today and see why we’ve earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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