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Located on the western coast of Saint Joseph Sound, Palm Harbor, FL, is perfect for anyone seeking a peaceful spot away from the hustle and bustle of Tampa. From incredible views of the Gulf of Mexico to nature walks at the nearby Honeymoon Island State Park to lake days on Lake Tarpon and hitting the links at Copperhead Course, there’s someone for residents and visitors alike to enjoy in this coastal community.

One thing that no one enjoys in Palm Harbor? Dealing with frustrating pests and wildlife. From fire ants marching into your home’s kitchen to opossums helping themselves to the contents of your restaurant’s dumpster, critters of all shapes and sizes can disrupt life in Palm Harbor.

If you’re ready to prevent critters  from endangering your health, property, or peace of mind in Palm Harbor, FL, Critter Control of Tampa is here for you with effective pest & wildlife solutions.

Learn more about our services below, or contact our team if your pest problem requires immediate assistance.

Professional Wildlife Control and Removal in Palm Harbor

They may seem harmless, but raccoons, squirrels, and other Florida critters can cause a variety of problems for Palm Harbor residents and business owners. From slashing their way through your insulation to delivering disease-carrying bites to loved ones, employees, or customers, the list of reasons to keep wildlife away from your property is never-ending.

No matter what kind of wild animal has made itself at home in your space, Critter Control of Tampa can handle. Our team of wildlife technicians is proud to assist Palm Harbor homeowners and businesses dealing with the following critters:

After we’ve solved your wildlife issue, we’re also happy to offer prevention and repair services to ensure you never have to deal with an infestation again. In the event that critters manage to re-invade after our services, we guarantee our team will return for additional repairs and services, free of charge.

For wildlife control and prevention you can depend on, talk to Critter Control of Tampa’s professionals today.

Pest Control and Wildlife Removal Services

You may not have an opossum living in your attic, but there could be smaller, just as worrisome critters roaming around your living space. As a warm, humid state, Florida is home to a wide range of pests determined to make your property theirs.

From cockroaches raiding your hotel to spiders dangling from your ceiling, you can keep your property pest-free with Critter Control of Tampa’s pest control in Palm Harbor. For residential and commercial pest control, you can schedule a free inspection for a variety of pests, including: 

Schedule Your Free Critter Control of Tampa Inspection Today

No one deserves to have pests or wildlife plaguing them, their loved ones, or their business. At Critter Control of Tampa, we’re committed to eliminating your critter infestation completely. Rather than offer band-aid solutions, we won’t stop until we’ve gotten to the root of your pest problem and solved it.

For almost four decades, residents and business owners throughout the Tampa area have trusted our team to solve pest and wildlife issues of all kinds. Our technicians are certified pest & wildlife experts, and will use a variety of effective control methods, including:

  • Mechanical traps
  • Monitors
  • Netting and screening
  • And more

Keeping your property pest and wildlife-free is our priority. If you’re dealing with critters in Palm Harbor, contact us online or give us a call to schedule a free residential or commercial inspection today.

FAQs About Palm Harbor Wildlife Control

How often should pest and wildlife control be done in Palm Harbor, FL?

The frequency at which your friends at Critter Control of Tampa perform pest or wildlife control for your Palm Harbor home depend on the type of critter you’re dealing with as well as the size of your home and the size of your infestation. After our inspection, we’ll treat your home according to our findings. Should we need to make return visits, we’ll continue to do so until you are pest and wildlife free.

Critter Control also provides regular, preventive pest and wildlife control to ensure that your home doesn’t get an infestation. We’ll examine your property to determine potential areas where pest and wildlife can enter, and we’ll provide exterior and interior treatments as needed.

Does Critter Control provide wildlife removal in Palm Harbor, FL?

Yes. Critter Control provides wildlife removal services in Palm Harbor, Florida. Our wildlife removal solutions are environmentally friendly, and our expert, certified technicians are pros at removing multiple kinds of wildlife. Common wildlife we remove include:

Please note that we do not provide removal services for stray cats and dogs.

How much does pest and wildlife control cost in Palm Harbor, FL?

Costs for wildlife removal vary depending on whether the pest is in the yard, or has entered your home or business.  Simple wildlife removal can cost only a few hundred dollars. Wildlife damaging and entering and nesting in your home can result in costly damage requiring repair.

Your Critter Control certified wildlife technician will provide a detailed estimate and review it with you prior to performing any work.

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