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As a neighborhood in the district of New Tampa, Hunters Green is the destination of countless families and professionals in need of a place to call home outside of Tampa, FL. And as a community just across the road from the census-designated place of Pebble Creek, residents of Hunters Green have access to a variety of shops and services.

The neighborhood is also nestled outside of the Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve. While this may give your family easy access to several parks and trails, Hunter Greens’ proximity to nature can also lead to critters invading your yard or home.

If pests and wildlife have scampered, crawled, or buzzed their way into your life in Hunters Green, contact Critter Control of Tampa for control and preventative solutions you can trust.

Professional Wildlife Control and Removal in Hunters Green

As any Florida homeowner knows, wild animals are a fact of life in the Sunshine State. Dealing with them invading your home or yard, however, doesn’t have to be. With the help of wildlife professionals, you can prevent wildlife from spreading disease, damaging property, or delivering bites.

Don’t choose just any wildlife control service—at Critter Control of Tampa, our experienced wildlife technicians have the tools and knowledge you need to relocate wild animals away from your Hunters Green home and stop them from coming back. We offer solutions for the following pests:

Not sure how to handle the aftermath of a critter infestation? Make returning your life back to normal easier with our prevention and repair services, such as insulation restoration. In case raccoons or other animals manage to raid your property against, we guarantee we’ll provide free, additional services.

Give our team a call today and discover how we can solve your wildlife dilemma.

Hunters Green Pest Control and Removal Services

In a humid state like Florida, it’s very difficult to avoid pests without professional pest control services. You may be tempted to try dealing with cockroaches, ants, and other pests on your own, but resist the urge. The longer you go without professional assistance, the more time pests will have to damage your home or cause health problems.

Fortunately, there’s a way you can keep these tiny invaders away: Critter Control of Tampa’s residential pest control in Pebble Creek. Additionally, if you own a business around the nearby Pebble Creek, we offer commercial pest control solutions! Schedule a free inspection for the following Hunters Green pests:

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Since 1983, Critter Control of Tampa has solved pest and wildlife issues for our friends and neighbors throughout the Tampa metropolitan area. From skunks skulking around your backyard to spiders spinning webs in the corners of your home, we’ve seen it all, and we’ll gladly offer our reliable pest control methods. Some common Critter Control of Tampa control and prevention methods include:

  • Mechanical traps
  • Monitors
  • Protective screening
  • And more

Safeguard your Hunters Green home or nearby business with Critter Control of Tampa. Take the first step and contact our team or give us a call to schedule a free inspection today.

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