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Located on the eastern shore of Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg is a breathtaking destination for Florida residents and visitors alike. From admiring artwork at The Dalí to enjoying an ice cold beverage at a brewery in the Grand Central District, there’s something for everyone in this coastal community.

Unfortunately, there’s a cost to fun hustle and bustle of St. Petersburg: pests and wildlife. Whether you’ve got opossums looking for a winter home in your attic or cockroaches dining in your restaurant, there are frustrating critters of all shapes and sizes ready to invade your property.

Don’t leave your home or business at risk of a property-damaging, health-endangering critter invasion. For reliable pest & wildlife solutions in St. Petersburg, FL, look no further than Critter Control of Tampa.

Discover more about our services below, or contact our team today to learn how we can solve your pest or wildlife problem.

Wildlife Control and Removal

Wildlife, such as squirrels or pigeons, may seem like harmless park residents. However, whether they’re covered in fur, scales, or feathers, animals of all shapes and sizes can become a serious nuisance for St. Petersburg residents and business owners.

From shredding insulation to delivering painful and harmful bites to your family or employees, there are many reasons wildlife never belong anywhere near your living space or workplace. That’s why Critter Control of Tampa is proud to provide residential and commercial wildlife solutions for the following St. Petersburg wildlife:

Once we’ve removed the wildlife, we can also offer prevention and repair services to ensure your infestation stays a distant memory, rather than a reoccurring issue. If critters do manage to return after our services, however, we provide free, additional treatments and repairs, guaranteed.

Reliable Pest Control and Removal Services from Critter Control

They may not have claws or teeth, but pests can wreak just as much havoc as wildlife. From malaria-carrying mosquitoes to the painful bites of fire ants, pests of all kinds are drawn to the warmth and moisture of St. Petersburg’s homes and businesses.

No matter if you’re found a few centipedes in your basement or you’re fighting off spiders in your shop, Critter Control of Tampa has you covered with pest control solutions for residential and commercial properties. Schedule a free pest inspection for a variety of pests, including:

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Stop the vicious cycle of pest or wildlife infestations in your St. Petersburg home or business with Critter Control of Tampa. Unlike other pest control providers, we eliminate your critter problem at the source of it, rather than treat it with temporary solutions.

For nearly 40 years, we’ve provided effective pest and wildlife solutions throughout Tampa, St. Petersburg, and the surrounding areas. Our team of certified technicians use a variety of methods, such as mechanical traps, monitors, and even screens and nettings to prevent future critter problems.

We take St. Petersburg pest or wildlife issues of all kinds and sizes seriously—contact us online or give us a call to schedule a free residential or commercial inspection for pests and wildlife today.

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