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Raccoon Control in Tampa

Raccoons may seem cute, but their presence can wreak havoc on your Tampa home or business. From knocked-over trash cans to damaged wiring, these masked bandits mean business. But fear not—we’re here to restore peace and protect your property with expert raccoon removal services.

Why Choose Us for Raccoon Removal?

  • Swift Response: Don’t let raccoons take over! Our rapid-response team ensures timely intervention.
  • Expertise: We’re raccoon whisperers. From nesting materials to foul smells, we’ve seen it all.
  • Health and Safety: Raccoons carry diseases. Our humane removal methods keep you and your pets safe.
  • Attic Restoration: We don’t just evict raccoons; we restore your attic too. Say goodbye to chewed wires and unsightly mess.

Think You May Have a Raccoon Infestation Listen to the Clues

Have your pets displayed odd behavior like scratching or purring near walls? Raccoons might be nesting in your attic. But don’t risk your health! Call Critter Control of Tampa for a free inspection at 813-948-0870. We’ll assess the situation, eliminate the infestation, and leave your attic pristine.

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Let’s reclaim your space together! Say no to raccoons and yes to tranquility. Remember, every scratch in the attic is a call to action. Reach out to Critter Control of Tampa today and bid those masked bandits farewell!

Raccoon removal in tampa

Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

Raccoons are mammals of the family procyonidae, but they are known better as those small, furry creatures with striped tails and striped features. Many consider raccoons cute creatures, but if you have a raccoon infestation in your Tampa area home or business, the resulting damage can be anything but. See what you need to look out for and how Critter Control of Tampa can rid you of your raccoon problem.

Raccoons are larger than other common critters like mice or rats, and as a result they leave behind a number of notable signs of their presence in your home or business. Take note of these common raccoon infestation signs:

  • Knocked over garbage cans and other trash receptacles
  • Persistent foul smells
  • Nesting materials like twigs, leaves, and moss
  • Damage to wiring, drywall, support beams, and more
  • Food waste in unusual places
  • Loose trash in unusual places

Another common sign of raccoons in your home is odd pet behavior. If your dog or cat is scratching, barking, whining, or meowing in atypical fashion, that could indicate that they could smell the raccoons. And at times, pets can create their own damage by trying to get to where the raccoons are.

Raccoons In the Attic

One of the most common places where raccoons enter and nest in homes is the attic. Raccoons seek to find a dark, secluded space where they can build their nest. Female raccoons also often den inside attics before giving birth, away from the elements and potential predators.

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures, and you’ll likely hear activity through the night. Raccoons in attics make a variety of sounds, including scratching, purring, and whining. Larger thumping could also be evidence that you have a raccoon in the attic as opposed to some sort of rodent.

Since raccoons often seek attics to birth their babies, it’s important to try and determine if there is a litter of baby raccoons somewhere in addition to an adult. Otherwise, you could have decomposing raccoon carcasses on your hand, causing awful odors and additional damage.

Raccoon Control

Raccoons may seem somewhat innocuous, but they can cause lots of damage to structures as they forage for food and shelter. Raccoons can also pose a health risk. They can become infected with diseases, and since hostile raccoons become agitated when cornered, a scared raccoon can cause physical harm with their teeth and claws. Critter Control of Tampa provides varying raccoon solutions to protect you, your home, and your business.

Raccoon Trapping

Critter Control is proud to use humane solutions for critter infestation problems, including raccoon infestations. Raccoon trapping is an important tool in doing so.

For best results, we place a raccoon trap in areas you have seen raccoon damage or that you suspect a raccoon may be living. We set the trap on a flat, even surface, making sure it sits steady, and bait the trap with food items such as bread or marshmallows.

Raccoons are clever and strong, so we use sturdy traps made out of steel in order to prevent raccoons from breaking out of the trap. We use traps at least 12x12x32 inches in size that raccoons can easily walk into.

Raccoon Removal and Damage Repair

In addition to our trapping services, Critter Control of Tampa also provides raccoon removal and damage repair services. This includes dead raccoon removal and carcass removal, in case a raccoon dies on your premises and needs to be removed.

Hiring the trained technicians at Critter Control of Tampa will ensure that live raccoons are safely and humanely removed, and all entry points are sealed to keep future wildlife from getting back in. Whatever damage the raccoon has left behind, we’ll clean up and repair for you so you can get back to normal. These messes can include damage from urine and feces as well as structural damage caused by teeth and claws. Whether your roof vents need repaired or your attic insulation needs repairing, we can help.

Greater Tampa Service Areas

At Critter Control of Tampa, we don’t just service the businesses and residents of the city of Tampa. We’re proud to service the greater Tampa area, including:

Critter Control Raccoon Services

A raccoon infestation can cause a surprising amount of damage and pose significant health risks. Don’t leave it up to an amateur job. The professional animal control experts at Critter Control of Tampa have your back. With every job, we offer a free inspection—a $299 value—as well as a service guarantee. We also provide emergency 24-hour removal should you need it.

Got a raccoon problem? Get that critter controlled—call us or contact us online today.

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