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Squirrels, rats, and mice are just some of the rodent species that we see in homes and buildings micethroughout Tampa. Most rodents tend to be small in size with long tails and very sharp claws and teeth which they use to chew, rip, and cause costly damage. Rats have incisor teeth that are constantly growing, so they gnaw on anything they can in order to keep them trimmed to size and as sharp as possible.

Rodents put your family, office, and home in more danger than you may think. Their small size allows them to easily get into attics where they tear up things like heat insulation and wooden roof structures. Rats have also been known to chew on electrical wiring, creating a significant fire hazard. Perhaps the worst though, is that many rodents reproduce every few weeks, meaning that a small problem can explode out of control before you know it.

Why are Rodents so Dangerous?

In addition to the structural damage they can cause to buildings, rodents are also carriers of several dangerous diseases that can be contracted a variety of different ways.

  • Hantavirus – Also known as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Hantavirus seems similar in many ways to pneumonia. Fever, aching, vomiting, and coughing are all common symptoms. Hantavirus causes the lungs to fill with fluid, often creating the need for hospitalization. While Hantavirus is treatable, it is a very dangerous disease with a 40% mortality rate.
  • Leptospirosis – Most often carried by rats, leptospirosis is passed through skin abrasion and generally causes symptoms like fever, nausea, and muscle pain.
  • Rat-bite Fever – Contrary to the name, you don’t actually have to be bitten by a rat to contract rat-bite fever; simply consuming contaminated food or water is enough to contract the disease. Symptoms include vomiting, muscle aches, and a distinct rash on the feet and hands.

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