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While bats may be an important part of the Florida ecosystem, finding them roosting in your commercial facility is never good for business. These winged mammals can cause panic among customers in a flurry, and often bring an assortment of health and sanitation issues with them as well.

Don’t let bats swoop in on your reputation or your bottom line—Critter Control of Tampa is here to help. You can find out more about common Florida bat species on our wildlife library, or read on for more information about our commercial bat removal services.

Signs of a Bat Outbreak

Due to their propensity for roosting in dark, elevated, and secluded places, it may be difficult to identify that your business has a bat outbreak. With their small bodies and elusive nature, bats often gain access to commercial buildings through ventilation openings, gaps in siding, or openings in the roof. After finding their way inside, they build a nest and start wreaking havoc on your assets, with the high level of guano they produce causing extremely bad odors and attracting other pests such as cockroaches.

Some common signs that you have a bat outbreak in your commercial property include:

  • Chirping: Listen for bats’ chirping during the night or in early morning, when they are the most active.
  • Droppings: Look for bat droppings, or guano, on ceilings, drywall, floors, or inventory
  • Stains: Bats leave behind a shiny stain on the areas that they contact, thanks to the grease on their fur
  • Scratching: Bats use their claws to crawl along walls, causing scratching to the surface

Commercial Bat Removal Service

While bats are very useful when it comes to fighting off other pests thanks to their diet of mostly insects, they are not a creature you want to find in your business. They can easily cause damage to ceilings, walls, and inventory or other assets stored where they are roosting, and bats are known to potentially carry diseases as well.

Bats are a federally protected animal, making the process of removing them on your own tricky. Since bats cannot legally be harmed, and their removal is only permitted in certain months of the year, we highly recommend letting pest professionals deal with any bat infestations. Not only does Critter Control of Tampa utilize humane bat removal techniques that bring no harm to the creature, but we also offer professional cleaning services that can make your business look and smell like the bats were never there.

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Critter Control has built a reputation as a leading brand when it comes to residential and commercial pest control services, and we are excited for the opportunity to show you why that is. With decades of experience, our highly trained staff of pest control experts have the skill and equipment to fix your pest problem, and we won’t quit until you’re satisfied.

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