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Though they prefer living in their natural habitat of grassy fields and wooded areas with protection and concealment from predators, mice will wander into residential and commercial areas in search of food and water sources.

Additionally, as temperatures begin to drop, mice often seek refuge in warm homes and office buildings. These critters use entrances like piping and ventilation openings, gaps underneath doors, and even cracks in walls to gain access.

Mouse Control Tips

Preventing mice from entering your home is crucial to protecting your assets, and you should seal any cracks, crevices, holes, or gaps larger than ¼” in size. Dirty living conditions also attract mice activity, so be sure to wash dishes after use, and store open or left-over food in containers with tightly sealed lids. If your home has been invaded by mice, the best method of removal is always to call a professional animal removal service with the tools and knowledge necessary to safely remove the rodents.

Trapping and Removal

When implemented properly, traps such as traditional snap-style mousetraps and even live traps can be highly effective for removing mice; but it takes a professional to remove the critters from the home safely, and to repair any damage they may have caused to your home or office. The team here at Critter Control® of Tampa understands how mice operate, and can efficiently remove them from your home or office while keeping you and your assets out of harm’s way. For more information about our mice removal services, or to schedule a consultation, call us today at 813.948.0870.


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