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At Critter Control of Tampa, we know snakes are a common issue in many Florida homes and businesses. While you may be tempted to take care of these critters yourself, accidentally interacting with a venomous snake can send you to the emergency room, or worse.

As always with pests, the safest way to deal with critters in your home or yard is to bring in professionals. As local pest control experts, Critter Control of Tampa can help humanely remove and exclude snakes from your home while keeping your family safe. Still, we know that education and identification is important, so you can discover the venomous and non-venomous snake species of Florida below.

Types of Snakes in Florida

While this guide can help you identify snakes in your home or yard, remember to keep a safe distance from any snake you find. Accurately identifying a snake often requires you to get close to it, which could easily lead to injuries. Call our experts to safely identify snakes, or take advantage of our emergency 24-hour removal service.

If you are bitten by a snake that you cannot identify, seek medical attention immediately.

Venomous Florida Snake Species

These venomous Florida snakes are not to be trifled with. Their bites can cause a wide range of symptoms, and can potentially be fatal without medical attention.

Eastern coral snake 

  • Appearance: Red, yellow, and black pattern, with red and yellow bands touching.
  • Danger: Bite can cause convulsions, stomach pain, and paralysis. Can be fatal without medical attention.

Eastern diamondback rattlesnake 

  • Appearance: Triangular head, muddy green-brown color with diamond pattern.
  • Danger: Bite can cause vomiting, paralysis, labored breathing, and may be fatal if not immediately treated by medical professionals.

Pigmy rattlesnake 

  • Appearance: Thick, gray body with black blotches and reddish-brown bands.
  • Danger: Bite can cause paralysis, labored breathing, tissue damage. Seek medical attention immediately.

Water moccasin 

  • Appearance: Wedge-shaped, blocky head, thick body, and blotchy brown-green coloring.
  • Danger: Bite can cause swelling, shock, nausea, and may be fatal. Seek medical attention immediately.

Florida Water Snake Species

Water snakes are found around the water. While they are non-venomous, they can appear similar to some venomous snakes, so caution is recommended.

  • Banded water snake: Red, brown, or black coloring with square markings.
  • Florida green water snake: Dark olive to brown coloring with specks.
  • Brown water snake: Thick, brown body with brown-black blotches. Often mistaken for water moccasin.

Florida Garden Snake Species

Like water snakes, garden snakes are non-venomous or produce minimal amounts of venom that don’t affect humans, even though some species may look threatening.

  • Eastern rat snake: Shiny black body with black-white markings on belly.
  • Garter snake: Vary in color, but have three body-length stripes.
  • Southern black racer: Black body with white chin.
  • Ringneck snake: Small, slate gray body with blue or orange ring around neck.

Invasive Snake Species

Invasive snake species are not native to Florida or North America. Rather than incapacitating their prey through venom, the invasive snake species found in Florida constrict their victims to death. They can easily and fatally constrict pets, so be on the lookout should you spot one near your home.

  • Boa constrictor: Originally from South America. Large, thick body with olive green, brown and black blotchy pattern.
  • Burmese python: Originally from Southeast Asia. Large, thick body with tan-brown coloring and reddish-brown blotches.

Get Snakes Professionally and Humanely Removed

No matter what kind of snake has invaded your space, these slithering critters are often a key part of the local ecosystem. Snakes prey on mice, rats, and other rodents that may otherwise try to infest your home.

At Critter Control of Tampa, we’re dedicated to protecting you and the snakes that may find their way into your home or yard. We utilize humane trapping techniques for a human removal. After we’ve taken the snakes away, our pest experts can provide effective exclusion solutions to keep them from returning.

Tampa Snake Removal Service Areas

Whether it is a venomous, garden, or water snake, Critter Control is proud to offer snake removal and exclusion in the greater Tampa area, including:

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Don’t let snakes rattle you— call an expert from Critter Control of Tampa. We’re dedicated to educating homeowners and business owners on humane ways to solve their critter problems and helping them get back to a pest-free life.

If snakes have entered your home or business, we offer a free inspection, valued at $299. We also offer a service guarantee— if snakes do return during your warranty period, we’ll provide additional removal and exclusion efforts, free of charge. Give us a call, or contact us online to schedule your free inspection today.

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