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Discovering a wildlife infestation in your attic, garage, or elsewhere in your home is certainly not fun. Unfortunately, discovering the damage they’ve done to your home is even worse. 

The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. Critter Control of Tampa provides environmentally friendly wildlife removal services for squirrels, rats, bats, and other common wildlife that tend to invade homes and businesses. When our technicians come to your property, we’ll get rid of wildlife that are there, put exclusion services in place, and start the cleanup and repair process for any damaged parts of your property.

Of course, where there is one animal, there are likely more nearby. That’s where Critter Control’s Animal Damage Protection Warranty steps in. If any animals make their way through our exclusion efforts, we’ll come by and solve the problem again at no charge. It’s that simple. Contact your local Critter Control of Tampa office today to secure your home and your peace of mind. 

FAQs About Our Animal Damage Protection Warranty

What is covered by the Animal Damage Protection Warranty?

Our home warranty product covers all repairs previously performed under contract. This includes a variety of common exclusion products and repairs, such as:

  • Chimney caps, screens, and crowns
  • Fascia, eave, and gutter board repairs
  • Roof vent guards and vent covers
  • Deck and porch rat walls
  • Attic vent screens and repairs
  • Roof repairs and flashing
  • Dryer and fan vents
  • Bird netting and other exclusion products
  • And more!

Why do I need an Animal Damage Protection Warranty?

Your home or business is your biggest investment—both financially and emotionally. Unexpected animal damage and the subsequent cost to repair said damage can strain your budget and impose on your time. While a warranty can’t prevent wildlife from trying to gain access, it provides peace of mind knowing that you’re safeguarded against many potential infestations. 

How many times can I use my Animal Damage Protection Warranty?

The Animal Damage Protection Warranty offers unlimited services during the contract term for covered repairs. If animals are still getting in and your warranty is active, we’ll cover it. 

Can I extend the warranty period?

Yes! In addition to our standard Animal Damage Protection Warranty, we also provide a Lifetime Warranty. Talk to your Critter Control technician for more information. 

How does an Animal Damage Protection Warranty work?

When a qualified repair is breached, simply request service by giving us a call to speak with a customer service representative or by contacting us online. We’ll then set up a time for our certified wildlife specialists to diagnose and resolve your problem.

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