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Bound on the west side by Interstate 75 and serviced down the middle by Brandon Boulevard, the city of Brandon, FL, is a wonderful place to live or own a business. From the Galactic Playgrounds Children’s Science Center to the Westfield Brandon shopping mall, TopGolf, and beyond, there’s also plenty to do when you want some moments of relaxation. 

But while you’re out having fun, going to school, or preparing your next work project, wildlife and pests are often up to their own activities: finding their way into your home. A pest or wildlife infestation is no fun and can result in damaged property and sleepless nights.

Thankfully, Critter Control of Tampa is here to help. Our certified pest control experts are skilled at getting rid of and excluding birds, bees, and bugs of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today and get back to a pest-free life.

Brandon Wildlife Control and Removal

Rats, bats, and other wildlife may not seem like big deals—but you’ll probably change your tune if they make their way into your attic and cause some havoc. Not only can wildlife bring potential diseases into your home, but they can cause serious damage to insulation, drywall, and floors. 

Should that happen to your property, Critter Control can provide wildlife removal in Brandon that you need. Some of the common wildlife we remove and exclude from your property include:

Brandon Pest Control and Removal

Pests, bugs, creepy-crawlies. These are all names for the nasty little critters that sneak into your basement or kitchen and give you nightmares. In addition to our wildlife control services, Critter Control of Tampa provides a variety of pest control in Brandon and the surrounding areas. Some common pests in Brandon that we service include:

Regardless of if you have mammals or insects invading your property, you can trust Critter Control of Tampa to provide high quality extermination and wildlife removal services in Brandon. We stand behind our service guarantee, and we proudly provide both commercial pest and wildlife control as well as residential pest and wildlife control

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You deserve to live and work in a place that doesn’t have raccoons scratching around in your attic or ants marching across your kitchen to eat your food. Critter Control of Tampa has provided effective pest control and wildlife services to Brandon and the surrounding areas for decades. When you’ve got an unwanted visitor in your home, give us a call or contact us online and say goodbye to your infestation for good. 

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