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From opossums hanging in your trees to raccoons ransacking your restaurant’s dumpsters, Florida’s wildlife often becomes a serious issue for many Sunshine State residents and business owners. Without professional help, however, these frustrating pests can turn into potential threats to you and your family, employees, or customers.

When they feel threatened, many animals will bite or scratch in self-defense, which can lead to infections, trips to the emergency room, or worse. Don’t take risks with wild animals—no matter what kind of wildlife is harassing your home or business, you can trust Critter Control of Greater Tampa and our team of local pest experts to safely and humanely remove and relocate critters.

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Common Florida Wildlife that Require Professional Removal

As Florida cities and towns continue to develop, wild animals become more and more likely to invade homes and businesses in search of food and shelter. Keep an eye out for the following wildlife near your property:

No matter what kind of wild animal has taken up residence in your home or business, always leave their removal to professionals. From spreading diseases and parasites to delivering dangerous bites, there are too many risks involved in removing wildlife without proper training.

Additionally, some animals, such as certain bat species, are protected by Florida law. Dealing with these protected species without a permit could result in expensive fines. Thankfully, there’s a solution for your wildlife infestation issues: Critter Control of Tampa. With almost 40 years of experience in pest control, you can trust our technicians to provide humane, legal, and environmentally-friendly animal removal services.

Residential and Commercial Animal Removal in Tampa 

At Critter Control of Tampa, we’re committed to removing animals in ways that are safe for them and your home or business. When you schedule a free animal entry inspection, our specialists will assess the problem and form a removal strategy that’s quick and humane. Once we’ve removed and relocated the wildlife  away from your property, we’ll take steps to prevent further infestations with a variety of preventative measures, such as:

  • Sealing existing entry points
  • Installing pest-deterring hardware to all potential access points
  • Applying eco-freindly pest-repellent as needed
  • Educating property owners on simple DIY tasks to help prevent future animal invader situations on our property

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For speedy, affordable, humane wildlife removal in Florida, you can depend on Critter Control of the Greater Tampa Bay area. Our mission is and always will be to safeguard you and your property from unwanted animals. Don’t wait until critters because a serious issue for your home or business—enlist the help of our local experts for peace of mind and protection.

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