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While they may not seem like it, armadillos are incredibly destructive pests in Tampa and throughout Florida. In addition to their tendency to become roadkill, armadillos use their sharp claws to easily shred through your perfectly-manicured yard in search of worms and grubs.

It’s tempting to try to get rid of these bumbling critters on your own, but resist the urge— armadillos can spread leprosy to humans, and may manage to claw you if you attempt to catch them. Educate yourself on the risks of an armadillo infestation, and call the local pest experts from Critter Control of Tampa.

How to Identify Armadillos

It may be difficult to tell one rodent species apart from another, but there’s no misidentifying armadillos. These distant relatives of sloths and anteaters are covered in greyish-brown armor-like plates, which bend when armadillos defensively curl into balls. They also have four short legs, with sharp claws on their feet.

Despite their stumpy appearance, armadillos are incredibly fast, and are capable of reaching speeds up to 30 miles per hour— just another reason to leave catching these critters to the experts.

Armadillos Can Cause Damage and Injuries

As if destroying your lawn and garden wasn’t enough, armadillos can cause serious damage to your property, and potentially cause injuries. When armadillos burrow under the ground, they may burrow beneath your driveway and foundation. This could cause buckling, cracks, and other expensive damages.

Additionally, the holes that they dig in your yard may be hidden by grass, which could result in a misstep and potentially painful foot or ankle injury. Prevent mishaps before they happen by bringing in Critter Control of Tampa’s experts to armadillo-proof your yard.

Professional Armadillo Trapping in Tampa

Unlike squirrels or rats, armadillos don’t easily wander into a trap. A baited trap is more likely to catch raccoons and opossums, rather than armadillos. Additionally, armadillos require much larger, sturdier cages than other pests, as they can weigh between 10 and 15 pounds and measure two feet long.

In order to trap armadillos, you need knowledge, experience, and the proper equipment to ensure a successful capture. Thankfully, Critter Control of Tampa has all of the above. With over 30 year of pest control experience, our experts can efficiently locate and trap any armadillos attacking your yard.

Humane Florida Armadillo Removal

Even though they often cause frustrating property damage, armadillos are still somewhat beneficial. In addition to worms and grubs, these armored critters feed on spiders, scorpions, fire ants, and other frustrating pests. An armadillo can even dig up an entire yellow jacket nest!

Rather than exterminate the armadillos attacking your yard, we can safely and humanely remove them to another area. We can also provide exclusion solutions, such as armadillo-proof fencing. If armadillos return during the warranty period, we guarantee that we’ll remove them and repair damage, free of charge.

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Protect your yard from armadillos with effective control and removal solutions from Critter Control of Tampa. Whether you suspect armadillos have made themselves at home or you’ve caught them in the act, if they have entered your home or business, we offer a free inspection—valued at $299—to give you peace of mind.

For an armadillo-proof yard, look no further than Critter Control of Tampa. Give us a call or contact us online for your armadillo removal inspection and estimate today!

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