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Opossums are interesting creatures. Besides being the only marsupials in North America, they also have a total of 50 teeth, which is more than any other mammal in North America. They are about the size of a house cat with a white face, dark grey or black fur, and a long, hairless rat-like tail that is moderately prehensile. And while opossums are typically solitary and nomadic, they often create large messes in and around commercial and residential properties in the Tampa area.

When approached, opossums may show their teeth, growl, hiss, screech, bite, and release a yellow-green fluid from their anal glands, depending on how threatened they feel. They are also prone to carrying parasites such as fleas and ticks, which is why we never recommend trying to trap an opossum on your own.

The trained technicians at Critter Control® of Tampa have the experience and skills to safely and humanely remove nuisance wildlife using the most effective trapping methods on the market. They will start with a thorough inspection of your home or business, looking for signs of entry, damage, and nesting. Once the technicians are aware of the severity of the infestation, they will determine the proper steps for eradicating the opossums and inform you of what needs to be done to ensure they don’t return.

The best way to keep opossums from coming on to your property is by taking preventative measures. Make sure there are no easy holes or access points in the building structure, porches and sheds are in good shape, and that all food sources are eliminated such as bird seed, compost waste, pet food, rotten fruit, and easily accessible garbage. However, if you’re already having opossum problems, you should rely on professional removal services over DIY trapping, to ensure you address the situation completely.

Critter Control® of Tampa specializes in wildlife management, including the trapping and removal of intrusive opossums from your home or business. Once the animals are entirely eliminated, we repair any damage or possible entry points and clean any messes left behind. If you suspect you have an opossum problem, call us today at 813-948-0870 for a free estimate and inspection.

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