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With their many legs and odd appearance, it can be a shock to find millipedes crawling around your home. While they may not cause health issues or damage property the way spiders, ants, and rodents do, millipedes are still unpleasant to discover in your home.

Keep these tiny, crawling pests out of your home with the help of Critter Control of Tampa’s local critter experts. Whether you’ve noticed millipedes wandering around your garage or found one making its way through your home, we can stop them in their tracks. Find out more about Florida’s millipede species below, and contact our team today to learn more about how we can solve your infestation.

Types of Millipedes in Florida

Despite their unsettling appearance, millipedes cannot bite or sting people. However, they sometimes release a foul-smelling liquid that can irritate skin. If you plan to try to identify the millipedes in your home on your own, avoid touching them. When dealing with any pest, it’s best to call our experts to safely identify them.

Yellow-Banded Millipede

Yellow-banded millipedes are dark gray in color, with yellow bands that fade to gray as they age. The most common species of millipedes in Florida, you can often find yellow-banded millipedes crawling on the outer walls of buildings. While they tend to invade homes, they do not infest food storage or damage houseplants.

Red Rusty Millipede

Reddish-brown in color, the red rusty millipede is an invasive species from southeast Asia. Unlike the yellow-banded millipede, the red rusty millipede is far less likely to invade your home. This species of millipede prefers to feed on decaying plant matter, and lives in moist, shady habitats.

Greenhouse Millipede

Dark brown in color with light yellow legs and segments, greenhouse millipedes are commonly found throughout the Sunshine State. Less than an inch long, these tiny crawling pests are more likely to invade your shed, garden, or greenhouse than your living space.

How to Prevent Millipedes in Florida

Ready to stop millipedes from finding their way into your home? As arthropods that depend heavily on moisture to survive, millipedes are drawn to areas of high humidity. Seal any pipes, vents, and other structures prone to leaking water, and consider using a dehumidifier. Remember to clean out your gutters as well, since millipedes feed on the dead leaves and other plant decay that collect in them.

Get Professional Millipede Treatment and Removal

Preventative tips may slow down the number of millipedes invading your home, but for complete peace of mind and a millipede-free living space, it’s best to bring in the professionals from Critter Control of Tampa. Our team of experienced critter experts have the tools and technology to completely remove and prevent millipede infestations.

We use effective trapping techniques, remove any signs of an infestation, and then provide exclusion solutions to stop millipedes from returning. Ask us about cleaning services for millipedes and other pest infestations.

Millipede Service Areas in Greater Tampa

Critter Control of Tampa is proud to provide millipede control solutions to the following communities in greater Tampa, FL:

Schedule Your Free Millipede Inspection with Critter Control of Tampa

When you need to safeguard your home from frustrating millipedes, look no further than Critter Control of Tampa. We’re committed to keeping your space free of millipedes and a wide variety of other pests found in Florida. Sign up for a free inspection, valued at $299, and start living millipede-free today.

In addition to our free inspection, we offer a service guarantee—if millipedes return after our services, we’ll provide free additional removal and exclusion efforts. Give us a call, or contact us online to schedule your free inspection today.

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