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Is It a Mouse or a Rat, and Does it Matter?

  Whether you’re new to your home or a long-time resident, you probably go on high alert when you see a rodent scurry through your kitchen or living room. Maybe you don’t even catch sight of the creature itself, just the mouse poop or rat poop it left behind. Nobody wants any rodent running amok […]

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Does Do It Yourself Pest Control Really Work?

  Living in Florida comes with beautiful weather and lots to do year-round, but sometimes pests can become a nuisance. When your home comes across a spider or ant problem, many homeowners try to take on the problem themselves with do it yourself pest control solutions. But do DIY solutions really work? How much is […]

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Are Rodents Dangerous to Your Pets?

  We love our pets, so it’s only natural that, when faced with a rodent infestation, along you’re your human occupants you’d have your animal’s health and safety at the top of your mind. Regarding rodent infestations and their danger to pets, the truth is it’s a bit of a mixed bag. On the bright […]

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How to Get a Bat Out of Your House

  Bats are an integral part of the Florida ecosystem, with most of their diet consisting of insects like mosquitos and flies. However, despite the good they do for our natural ecosystem, the last place you want to find a bat is in your home. Bats can even hide undetected in houses for years, and […]

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How to Identify Dangerous Snakes

  In Florida’s warm and moist climate, snakes are a common occurrence. In fact, there are 44 different species of snakes that can be found in Florida. Unfortunately, some of these species of snakes are venomous, and their bite can be painful and—if you’re particularly unlucky—deadly. No wonder that the fear of snakes, or ophidiophobia, […]

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