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Snake and Mole Removal Services with Critter Control of Tampa

All throughout Tampa, FL, you will find families spending time outside trying to soak up the sun and the temperate climate that is ever-present in the area. Hosting parties and games in the yard, taking a swim by the pool, and enjoying your outdoor garden are just a few of the ways Floridians choose to […]

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Does DIY Mouse Control Work?

Whether you see them scurrying across your basement floor or have found their droppings in your pantry, nobody likes the moment when they realize they have a rodent problem. Dealing with mice can be an exercise in patience, creativity, and persistence. At their worst, they breed quickly, and can prove difficult to kill. Fortunately, you […]

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Guide to Common Florida Cockroaches

Thanks to its warm, humid climate, Florida is a paradise for a wide range of fascinating species, from the Florida panther and American alligator to flamingos and pelicans. There’s one species, however, that no homeowner in the Sunshine State likes to see thrive: the cockroach. Yes, our state’s mild winters and beautiful summers may be […]

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How Storm Surges Lead to Pest Problems

Hurricanes and heavy rainstorms can cause millions of dollars in property destruction, but wind and water damage are far from the only concerns in the aftermath of a storm. As the waters recede and it’s time to pick up the pieces, dealing with pests makes the process of repairing a home or business even harder. […]

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Can You Get Ticks From Wild Animals?

Ticks can carry many diseases, and their prime method of transportation to your home is on wildlife. Contact Critter Control to keep them all away!

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