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All About Mosquitoes and Their Diets

Mosquitos are a pest that no one wants around their home. These stinging pests can transmit dangerous diseases and be difficult to get rid of. Plus, the warm and humid climate of Florida is a mosquito’s dream. With plenty of water and food sources for mosquitoes to enjoy, these nuisances are always around.  Thankfully, a […]

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Questions About Bats You’ve Always Wondered

When people think of bats, many people commonly think of vampires. While vampire bats do exist and they feed on the blood of other mammals, these are not the typical bats you’ll find in Florida. More common bats in Florida are: Brazilian (Mexican) free-tailed bat Southeastern myotis Evening bat Eastern red bat Seminole bat Northern […]

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Common Questions About Squirrels

Squirrels are immediately identifiable via their bushy tails, darting movements, and skillful climbing. They’re found all over throughout the greater Tampa area and indeed throughout Florida and the United States. And though they can be quite cute at times, squirrels are often a nuisance that can do damage to your yard, raid your birdfeeder, and […]

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Do You Need Pest Control in Winter?

Living in Florida comes with the best benefit of mild winters. While harsh winters can put a pause on many pest pressures, that’s not the same with Florida. Let’s not beat around the bush: you need pest control in winter in the Tampa area. Whether you are a resident year-round or a snowbird for the […]

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Is It a Mouse or a Rat, and Does it Matter?

  Whether you’re new to your home or a long-time resident, you probably go on high alert when you see a rodent scurry through your kitchen or living room. Maybe you don’t even catch sight of the creature itself, just the mouse poop or rat poop it left behind. Nobody wants any rodent running amok […]

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