Why Aren’t My Mousetraps Working?

Why mouse traps do not working? Mice can be such elusive critters that, after many failed attempts to get rid of them, you might think there’s nothing you can do. But, don’t give up hope — it is possible to rid your home of mice, and it is absolutely necessary. Giving up isn’t going to solve your mouse problem. In fact, it’ll only get worse. So, what should you do when yo… Read more »

What Can Attract Rats to the Kitchen?

What Attracts Rats to the KitchenOne of the most dreaded, and yet most common, places to find a rat in your home is your kitchen. A rat in the attic or garage isn’t the end of the world, but the kitchen is where you eat and prepare meals. Rats are dirty animals that can cause you a multitude of problems, and you definitely don’t want them anywhere in your house, especially in the kitchen. … Read more »

How Do Bats Get into a House?

How Bats Get In HomesBats can be a problem for homeowners, but maybe not in the way you might initially think. A lot of people have an erroneous view of these animals. Those found in Florida are not capable of directly harming humans by biting them, and certainly none suck blood. There are over 1,200 species of bats in the world and only three feed on blood — all of these “vampire” bats … Read more »

7 Signs of Squirrels in the Walls

Squirrels in WallsOf all wild animals, perhaps squirrels are the most accustomed to being around humans. This isn’t necessarily a positive. Squirrels which have been fed by humans learn not to have a healthy fear of them and become ever more daring. Some have been known to snatch food off of picnic tables when people aren’t watching, and others have even entered houses to make nests i… Read more »

Urban Wildlife Removal

Urban Wildlife RemovalTampa is one of Florida’s fastest growing metropolitan areas. With that growth comes an ever-growing urban footprint, and shrinking natural habitats for wildlife and other critters. This decrease in natural land throughout the Tampa area due to ever-expanding areas of construction means that wildlife is being pushed into urban areas more than ever before. While it is important for wildlife to have a habitat in order to thrive and do th… Read more »

Using One-Way Doors to Get Rid of Rats

Using One-Way Doors to Get Rid of RatsRats are pretty surprising animals. If you were to just look at them, you wouldn’t think too much of them except that they look dirty. But, they are capable of fairly astonishing feats like squeezing through tiny holes and gnawing through pipes. If possible, you want to take every measure to prevent them from getting inside your house because they can … Read more »

Poison-Free Ways to Get Rid of Wild Animals

Poison-Free Ways to Get Rid of Wild AnimalsThere are many animals which call Florida home. And, many of these will try to get inside your house if you give them the opportunity and incentive. But, it’s not good for them to remain in your house, and you should do your best to get them out before they damage anything. Most people, when they think about it, are reticent to use poison as a method for animal control. And these people are right – poison is funda… Read more »

3 Signs You Have Rats in Your Attic

Signs you have rats in the atticIf an engineer could design the ideal habitat for rats, they could do no better than an attic. This is because an attic provides rats with more benefits than any other space. An attic keeps rats perfectly safe from predators like owls and snakes, as well as from dangerous weather … Read more »

3 Signs You Have a Rodent in Your Home

Signs You Have a Rodent in Your HomeYou might not want to admit it to yourself, but you think there could be a rodent in your house. What you definitely don’t want to do is ignore the possibility completely or begin to panic. These two extreme reactions won’t help you get to the bottom of the matter and solve the problem, if indeed there is one. By remaining vigilant and keeping an eye… Read more »

Most Common Rodents in Florida

Common rodents in FloridaRodents are notoriously everywhere. Due to their rapid breeding habits and invasive nature, it is impossible to keep them out of residential and commercial properties for good. But what makes something a rodent? The word “rodent” comes from the Latin word “rodere” which means “to gnaw.” Rodents are differentiated from other animals because of their tee… Read more »