What Animals Seek Shelter in Tampa Homes?

Have you begun to notice things going bump in the night, mysterious bites squirrel on rooftaken out of vegetables in your garden, or a foul smell emanating from anywhere on your property? Wildlife problems in residential and commercial areas are becoming increasingly common in the Tampa area, and are caused by a variety of different types of animals. Squirrels,… Read more »

DIY Tricks for Getting Rid of Rats

They may go largely unseen by humans, but rats pose a serious problem for Tampa Ratbuildings, homes, and people if they are not addressed promptly. Not only is their waste an unsanitary breeding ground for bacteria, but rats will chew on anything in sight to keep their teeth trimmed to an appropriate length. They often tear up electrical wiring and attic insulation in a… Read more »

Keeping Critters Out This Winter

Winter is fast approaching here in the Tampa area, and as temperatures Squirrel on Roofbegin to drop, you’ll likely be spending more time indoors away from the cold; and you aren’t alone. Rats, squirrels, raccoons, and other critters are looking for the same shelter from the elements that you are, and that often leads them into abandoned or occupied buildings … Read more »

When Do Raccoons Hibernate?

Here in Florida where the climate is mild year-around compared to other parts of the country, hibernating animals are few and far between. While Tampa Raccoonthere are many different animal species that hibernate for the winter all around the world, the raccoon is not one of them. Raccoons are very adaptable by nature which makes them well suited for the winter months. From… Read more »

The Cost of Removing Animals from the Attic

Cost is often a top priority when considering a service like animal removal, and one of the most common questions we receive is “how much Tampa Attic Animal Removalis this going to cost me?” Because of the unique nature of animal removal, no two situations are exactly alike which means a consultation should be conducted in order to … Read more »

How Do Squirrels Get in My Attic?

To many, squirrels are nothing more than cute, harmless critters seen How Do Squirrels Get in My Attic running around parks and in the trees, but to others, they pose a much more serious threat. All throughout the Tampa area, squirrel infestations are becoming more and more common, and when your home’s attic is invaded by squirrels, the results can be expensiv… Read more »

What Animal is Making Noises in My Wall?

When a wild animal makes its way into a home, often one of the first Tampa animal in wallsigns of their activity is strange sounds coming from the walls. It’s easy for critters to sneak into your home via the attic and quietly build their nests. Being aware of the warning signs of an animal infestation is the first step in recognizing an issue and being able to address it… Read more »

What is That Smell in my Attic?

Small animals like mice, rats, squirrels, and even bats are always looking Tampa animals in atticfor the perfect place t… Read more »

4 Ways to Avoid Cockroaches in Your Home

Among all the critters that someone would never want to see in their how-to-avoid-cockroacheshome, cockroaches are towards the top of the list for many. With over 4,000 species worldwide and an ability to transmit dangerous diseases, cockroaches can cause serious problems for your home and family. The best removal strategy for cockroac… Read more »

Why Doesn’t My Mouse Trap Work?

Rodents are becoming an increasingly common issue for many in the mouse-trapTampa area as they can infiltrate a home through even the smallest crack or hole. Unfortunately, getting the intruders out is often more difficult than letting them in. Of the DIY mouse removal options on the market, mous… Read more »