How Do You Stop a Rat Infestation?

Because rats are nocturnal and like to stay hidden, you may not even know you have a problem until it’s already way out of control. Due to the amount of damage rats cause and the health risks they pose, it’s imperative you call a trained technician from Critter Control® of Tampa right away. We know how to get rid of rat infestations quickly and efficiently and keep them fro… Read more »

Can I Use Poison to Get Mice out of My Attic?

For many people who have discovered they have rats living in their attic, their first instinct is to get them out of there as quickly as possible. And while poisoning the rodents may seem like an inexpensive and easily accessible solution, it’s one we never recommend.

Reasons Not to Use Poison

Poisoning mice is a bad idea for many reasons inc… Read more »

Will Using Mothballs Fix My Mice Problem?

When mice find their way inside of your home, it can be difficult to get them to leave. With an endless supply of food and water in addition to the protection your home provides, a mouse won’t dare to leave a place they deem safe. Mice are also very smart creatures, and if they suspect danger or become bothered by smells, they will just go to a di… Read more »

A Raccoon Had Babies In My Attic, Now What?

Raccoons are exceedingly adaptable animals that have no problem living amongst manmade habitats. As a way to avoid potential predators, raccoons prefer to build their homes above ground. Fantastic climbers, raccoons easily get onto roofs using trees, downspouts, and have even been known to climb straight up a wall.

Once the raccoons get on your roof, they will us… Read more »

Are Bats as Dangerous as We Think?

There are many different reasons why people assume that bats are Bat in Handdangerous. Unfortunately, many of those reasons are mainly due to the myths they’ve heard about them in the past. So, what is it exactly that gives bats their scary reputation? Let’s look at some of the misconceptions – and then we’ll explain how bats really benefit our well-being, and wh… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Remove an Animal from My Attic?

Animals have a habit of sneaking into attics in search of food and shelter. How Much Does It Cost to Remove an Animal from My AtticThis puts your health and the wellbeing of your property at risk, as they can do some serious damage if left unaddressed. When nuisance critters find their way inside, cost of removal is what comes up most oft… Read more »

How to Get Rid of Rats

Rat infestation is bad news for home or business owners, as they not only Tampa Ratcause physical damage while they search for food and build nests, but they bring bacteria and unsanitary conditions into your home or office which can cause illness. Debris like scraps of paper or cardboard, fresh droppings, a foul or musty smell, or scratching noises are all telltale signs of a p… Read more »

When Do Squirrels Hibernate?

Unlike many other animals, squirrel species like the eastern gray squirrel, tampa squirrelred squirrel, and fox squirrel do not hibernate during the colder months of the year. In fact, they are one of the smallest mammals that do not hibernate. Instead, they use a number of other techniques to help them survive the cold.

As temperatures begin to drop in the fall, sq… Read more »

What Animals Seek Shelter in Tampa Homes?

Have you begun to notice things going bump in the night, mysterious bites squirrel on rooftaken out of vegetables in your garden, or a foul smell emanating from anywhere on your property? Wildlife problems in residential and commercial areas are becoming increasingly common in the Tampa area, and are caused by a variety of different types of animals. Squirrels,… Read more »

DIY Tricks for Getting Rid of Rats

They may go largely unseen by humans, but rats pose a serious problem for Tampa Ratbuildings, homes, and people if they are not addressed promptly. Not only is their waste an unsanitary breeding ground for bacteria, but rats will chew on anything in sight to keep their teeth trimmed to an appropriate length. They often tear up electrical wiring and attic insulation in a… Read more »