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Are Armadillos Dangerous?

Through rapid breeding, South American armadillos found their way to Gulf Coast states like Florida. Armadillos are mostly seen as harmless creatures and unfortunate victims of roadkill. However, with armadillo populations increasing in Florida, certain safety and health risks may also increase. Let’s go over some common facts about armadillos to understand potential problems and […]

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Rodent Prevention Tips

Summer is the time to kick back, relax, and spend time with friends and family; unfortunately, rodents won’t be taking any time off for the season. Even when the fall and winter months come to an end, these critters still have to search for food, water, and shelter. Here are some rodent prevention tips that […]

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How to Clean Up Bat Guano

Bats are greatly appreciated for keeping insect populations regulated. But when entering our homes, they can leave behind a not-so-appreciated gift: bat guano. Some gardeners love bat guano because it’s a great fertilizer with high levels of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. However, most people would rather remove bat excrement from their home right away, so […]

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Does Insurance Cover Attic Rodent Removal?

Rodents can be a home owner’s worst nightmare. They are hard to find, hard to catch, and hard to eradicate completely. And the whole time they are inside your home, they do damage. They can’t help gnawing on anything in sight, and of course they urinate and defecate anywhere they please. The only thing worse […]

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How Rodents Can Get into Your Home

We like to think of our homes as impenetrable fortresses. Even though most of us don’t have much more security than locks on our doors and windows, that is enough to give us peace of mind. So, when you start seeing rodents like mice and rats inside your house, it seems impossible. “My house is […]

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