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How to Get a Bat Out of Your House

  Bats are an integral part of the Florida ecosystem, with most of their diet consisting of insects like mosquitos and flies. However, despite the good they do for our natural ecosystem, the last place you want to find a bat is in your home. Bats can even hide undetected in houses for years, and […]

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How to Identify Dangerous Snakes

  In Florida’s warm and moist climate, snakes are a common occurrence. In fact, there are 44 different species of snakes that can be found in Florida. Unfortunately, some of these species of snakes are venomous, and their bite can be painful and—if you’re particularly unlucky—deadly. No wonder that the fear of snakes, or ophidiophobia, […]

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Should I Kill Wasps?

  With large, menacing black-and-yellow bodies and a prominent stinger poised to inflict pain, wasps have developed a somewhat well-earned reputation as a fearsome pest. But as cousins to the humble bumblebees, who are vital for pollinating crops and other plants, are wasps truly all bad? Should “save the bees” also apply to wasps? It’s […]

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Common Questions About Mosquitoes in Florida

The high-pitched whine of mosquitoes is a sound that many people are all too familiar with. As soon as summer weather hits, you’re sure to find these tiny bloodsucking pests buzzing around your home or business. While you’ve probably encountered mosquitoes before, you may not realize how serious of a problem they can be in […]

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Do Cats Get Rid of Rats?

  Cats are well-known worldwide for their propensity to catch and kill mice. It’s a trait that is entrenched in general knowledge as well as pop culture, as Tom and Jerry fans can attest. Mice are in many ways the perfect prey for cats, who love stalking their prey and pouncing on mice as they […]

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