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4 Reasons to Have Your Attic Inspected

Most homeowners do not spend much time in their attic, an often dark, swelteringly hot space with little-to-no airflow. Even in cooler months when attic temperatures are more pleasant, you may not have a reason to go up there beyond storing your holiday decorations. However, you should have your attic inspected from time to time […]

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3 Signs You Need a Rodent Exterminator

A few rats or mice in your office building might not seem like a critical issue that requires professional help. You might think that you can set up a few traps and solve the problem yourself in a couple of days. However, there comes a point where an exterminator is necessary to eradicate the issue […]

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How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home and Property

As the nights get colder, spiders are bound to make their way into residential homes in the Tampa area. While the arachnids provide free pest control services by eating mosquitoes and other insects, they can also be a frightening nuisance if they spin their webs throughout your property. Help keep your home spider-free with these […]

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DIY Tricks for Getting Rid of Rats

While they may go largely unseen by humans, rats pose a serious problem for home and business owners if they are not promptly addressed. Not only do rats carry various infectious diseases, but their waste is an unsanitary breeding ground for bacteria. The nuisance rodents will also chew on anything in sight to keep their […]

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How to Defeat the Ant Army in Florida

Floridians know that ants are the enemy when it gets warmer. Using an uneducated strategy to fight an ant army could make things worse. Instead, you want to be ready for the common ants in Florida that will show up at your doorstep. By taking preventive measures, you can thwart an ant army takeover and […]

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