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How Do Rats Get in My Walls?

When homeowners hear of a rat infestation, they almost immediately assume the problem is in the attic. It’s hard to believe that a rat can be walking in between your walls, but it’s more common than you might imagine. Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime, and they can chew through […]

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4 Rodent Issues to Look Out for This Summer

The summer season is upon us, and with rising temperatures outside, rodents will be seeking shelter inside. While it’s true that rodents may be considered more of a winter pest, they will gladly enter your home during the summer months and stir up big trouble for you and your household. Below are four issues that […]

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3 Steps to Effective Raccoon Prevention

Raccoons may look sweet and harmless, with their fuzzy little faces and adorable paws; however, don’t be fooled, raccoons can be a serious problem for your home. They rummage through your garbage, damage attics and roofs, and bring with them many diseases—placing you and your family at risk. Due to the increase in urbanization and […]

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The Effects of Bat Guano on Your Commercial Building

While it’s true our Tampa ecosystem depends on bats to regulate the insect population, they are never something you want to see in your commercial building. Not only are they a nuisance, but they also carry with them potential dangers that put all those in the building at risk. In fact, bats themselves aren’t a […]

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Rat Exterminator for Multifamily Apartments

Rats are an all too familiar problem for Tampa residents living in multifamily apartment buildings. The overabundance of food, water, and shelter acts as an open invitation for rats to invade the building in search of a place to raise their young. Because apartment complexes house dozens of families, a rat outbreak can negatively affect […]

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