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When it comes to pest prevention at your Greater Tampa area resort or commercial property, mosquito control is of the utmost importance. As one of the most troublesome pests in Florida due to our humid, subtropical climate and ample rainfall, mosquitoes have the ability to breed in countless, difficult-to-reach areas of standing water around your property.

What’s worse, Florida mosquitoes like the Aedes aegypti (also known as the yellow fever mosquito) have an affinity for human blood—spreading diseases like yellow fever, malaria, Zika, West Nile, dengue, and chikungunya with their bites, as well as contributing to millions of deaths across the globe each year. To learn more, see The Florida Department of Health.

Rather than leaving commercial mosquito control unchecked, your local Tampa area Critter Control is here to help you minimize incidents of these stinging insects from annoying bites and potentially harming your guests, customers, or employees. With breakthrough mosquito control technology, we can help prevent dangerous mosquitoes from living, breeding, and feeding around your building.

Help Protect Your Guests with the In2Care® Mosquito Trap

Picture of an In2Care mosquito trap

The safety and well-being of your employees and visiting guests is a crucial aspect of running a resort or commercial business. And, without the proper pest management precautions in place, your business’ reputation and your customers’ health could be at risk. Fortunately, with minimally invasive treatments and In2Care® Mosquito Traps from Critter Control, you can cross mosquito control off your to-do list.

With our eco-conscious sprayed applications and full-service managed In2Care® Mosquito Traps, you gain effective and sustainable control of bites from Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (as well as all other species of mosquitoes) around your property—all without fogging applications. Utilizing minimal chemicals, these advanced treatments provide 24-hour protection while being non-invasive for your guests—each trap has the appearance of a garden speaker.

How Do In2Care® Mosquito Traps Work?

Using 8-10 traps per acre in high-risk areas, In2Care® Mosquito Traps are hidden out of sight near shaded and vegetated areas. Once set with water, powdered gauze, and an odor lure, these traps attract mosquitoes that are ready to produce offspring.

Larvae-Killing Power

The odor lure inside each trap specifically targets Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, while the gauze—which contains a special coating of larvae-killing powder and an insect-killing fungus—gives them a secure place to land above the water before laying eggs. Once they begin to lay their eggs, their legs contaminate the water with the powder they picked up from the gauze. Over time, all larvae in the water will be eliminated, which means they will never become biting mosquitoes.

After adult mosquitoes lay a batch of eggs in the trap, they will fly out with the larvae-killing powder still stuck to their legs. As they search for and find new places to produce offspring, they will continuously contaminate small breeding sites around your property, which means no larvae will be able to survive.

Diagram of how an In2Care mosquito trap works

So Long, Biting Mosquitoes

As adult mosquitoes continue to eliminate their own offspring, the insect-killing fungus slowly penetrates into their bodies. This fungus (which is a safe, biological active that does not affect humans, pets, or beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies) makes each mosquito less active and reduces its ability to bite humans. Plus, it inhibits the development of viruses within each insect. After a few days, each adult mosquito will succumb to the infection.

Areas We Serve in Greater Tampa

Critter Control of Tampa wants to help keep your business mosquito-free throughout the year. We proudly serve greater Tampa, including the following communities:

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Reducing mosquito populations found in your resort or commercial properties can be a challenge, so let the experts at Critter Control of the Greater Tampa area help. With advanced In2Care® Mosquito Traps and expert knowledge on mosquito breeding grounds, our state licensed pest control technicians are at the ready to help you dramatically reduce incidents of these stinging, disease-carrying insects from harming your guests, customers, or employees. Contact us today to learn more about commercial mosquito control in Tampa, or to get your fast and free mosquito control estimate! Full service resort and commercial property mosquito control is available in HIllsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties.

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