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With a population of over 100,000 residents, Riverview, FL, is one of the most sought-after suburbs in the greater Tampa area. Located east of Hillsborough Bay, Riverview is situated along both Highway 301 and Interstate 75. Riverview is also the home to Bell Creek Nature Preserve, with includes miles of hiking trails, a pond, and plenty of wild animals to watch.

Unfortunately, those wild animals can cause a huge commotion if they make their way from a nature preserve into your home or business. Rats and other rodents can even bring disease and chew on wires, posing health risks in more ways than one.

If you’ve got an unwanted visitor, you don’t have to frantically search for who to help. Critter Control of Tampa provides both wildlife control and pest control services in Riverview and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are pros at removing animals and excluding them so that they don’t come back. 

Riverview Wildlife Control and Removal

Squirrels are fun to watch chasing each other around your yard. But they are much less fun to listen to chasing each other around in your attic. Whether it’s squirrels, rats, raccoons, or even some rowdy birds, a wildlife infestation can result in expensive damage to your property. Stop wildlife in their tracks by contacting the experts at Critter Control of Tampa.

Some of our most common wildlife that we service in Riverview, Florida, include:

Riverview Pest Control and Removal

With Florida’s warm and moist weather year-round, the area in and around Riverview is a perfect breeding ground for insects, bugs, and pests of kinds (and with many different numbers of legs). Critter Control of Tampa is proud to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly pest control in Riverview. No matter if you’re the unwitting spectator of an ant parade or can’t seem to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes in your yard, you can rely on Critter Control for help. 

Some common Riverview pests that we service include:

Here at Critter Control of Tampa, we’re so confident in the quality of our removal and exclusion services that we provide a service guarantee every time we come to your property. Run a business and don’t want any pests or wildlife harassing your staff or customers? We don’t blame you—and we’re here to provide the commercial pest and wildlife control services you require for your peace of mind. 

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From cockroaches to spiders, rats, and bats, there are a wide range of pests that are more than happy to infest your home or business. If that should happen, be sure to contact your wildlife and pest control professionals at Critter Control of Tampa. We’re committed to quick and speedy service, and we’ll even provide a free inspection to provide you with the info you need to make a decision. 
Though pests and wildlife are more than willing to live with you, you probably don’t want to live with them. We get it. Call us today to get back to being pest- and wildlife-free.

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