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Located on the northeastern side of Tampa, Pebble Creek is an unincorporated area within New Tampa. A quiet residential area with plenty of wonderful homes, Pebble Creek is also home to Pebble Creek Golf Club, a public golf course where golf enthusiasts and novices alike can work on their swing.

Unfortunately, this idyllic neighborhood can quickly become a nightmare if it’s invaded by pests and wildlife. From snakes on the fairway to mosquitoes buzzing in your yard, finding out your home or business has been invaded by uninvited guests can be frustrating. That’s why Critter Control of Tampa offers reliable pest and wildlife solutions to homeowners and business owners. Protecting you from property-damaging, health-endangering critters is our specialty.

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Professional Wildlife Removal and Control in Pebble Creek

It’s easy to see why raccoons and rodents are a serious issue for Pebble Creek residents and business owners, but even critters as seemingly harmless as squirrels can pose a big problem. When critters and people collide, it can lead to bodily harm and destroyed property.

Keep critters away from your family and customers by calling in specialists trained in humane wildlife removal in Pebble Creek. Critter Control are just those specialists and we’re proud to offer residential and commercial wildlife solutions for:

After your wildlife invader has been removed you may have a mess to clean up from the damage that unwanted critter may have caused. That’s why we also offer prevention and repair services to ensure your infestation becomes a distant memory. However, if you happen to have a new visitor, we provide free, guaranteed additional treatments and repairs.

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Reliable Pest Control and Removal from Critter Control

They may be small, but pests can easily cause big problems around your Pebble Creek home and business. One spider invading your home is creepy, but it might also be a sign of an even bigger pest infestation.

Regardless of your pest issue, Critter Control of Tampa provides pest control in Pebble Creek for residential and commercial properties. Schedule your free pest inspection to learn about our services for a variety of pests, including: 

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If you’re looking for a permanent solution to your pest and wildlife problem in your Pebble Creek home or business, look no further than Critter Control of Tampa. We’ll eliminate your critter problem at the root of the problem.

Critter Control of Tampa specializes in humane wildlife and pest control and removal solutions throughout Tampa, Pebble Creek, and the surrounding areas. For nearly 40 years, our certified technicians have used methods such as mechanical traps, monitors, and even screens and nettings to resolve and prevent future critter problems.

Big or small, you can count on us to take all Pebble Creek pest or wildlife issues seriously. Contact us online or give us a call to schedule a free residential or commercial inspection for pests and wildlife today.

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