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Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in the attic are a common problem. The most prevalent species is the Eastern Gray Squirrel, with its easily recognizable fluffy tail. The following tips will help you identify a squirrel problem, so that a professional squirrel removal service like Critter Control® can remove them from your home for good.

Identifying a Squirrel Problem

It’s not too difficult to detect these culprits. You’ll often hear them moving about in the mornings when you’re up preparing for your day, and again in the early evenings before nightfall. Their light bodies don’t create loud rustling or scampering noises, but if it’s quiet in your home you’ll often hear them scurrying about above your head.

Droppings are the most obvious visual signs of these rodents. Their feces are brown and measure about one-third of an inch in length. You’ll see a lot of it with squirrels. They also leave messy nesting debris, like sticks and leaves, around your home when they are constructing their nests.

Squirrel Damage

Squirrels are aggressive chewers. This can cause a great deal of damage to your insulation, electrical wires, piping, siding, vents, and more. This type of damage can lead to fire, flooding, and dangerous structural issues.

These critters also pose health risks. They often carry infectious diseases like rabies that can be transmitted to your family and pets. Additionally, parasites and insects usually accompany them.

Solving the Problem

Naturally, these disturbing facts about squirrel infestation has you eager to be rid of them. But, don’t try to tackle this problem on your own. Using poison is a bad idea, as it puts your family at risk, and often leads to dead animal smells throughout the home. The gadgets and gimmicks you see advertised are generally ineffective. While they may be marginally effective at handling a single squirrel, they don’t do anything to solve the root cause of the infestation.

Critter Control® of Tampa applies proven methods for squirrel removal and prevention. Our professional technicians offer effective pest control services:

  • Trap and remove these pests,
  • Rodent-proof your home to deter re-occurrence of the problem, and
  • Provide restoration services to remove odor and repair damage.

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