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Squirrel Control

The cute, ubiquitous ground squirrel is no stranger here in Tampa, but there is a big difference between watching them scurrying about your favorite park and hearing them scurrying about your attic. The truth is however, squirrels are attracted to your home for the warmth and security it offers when nesting, and since they are natural climbers, it just makes sense that they will make a beeline for your attic eaves. Once installed in your home, they can cause tremendous damage and should be removed using professional assistance to ensure humane treatment of the animal.

Signs You May Have a Squirrel Problem

The fleet footed sounds of something moving about your attic, or inside your walls, is the best first indication that you may have an infestation problem in your home. Once you suspect you have unwanted visitors, your best bet is to closely examine your property for signs of squirrel-related damage to include:

  • Damaged wiring
  • Chewed insulation
  • Holes in walls/ceilings
  • Signs of animal feces in crawl spaces

Trapping your unwanted guest is the best, most efficient form of squirrel removal, but it is only the beginning of solving the problem. Additionally, you need to identify the animal’s entry point into the home to block the egress and ensure that they will not return.

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When it comes time to remove those unwanted critter visitors who have decided to make your home their own, you need to call the pest removal experts here at Critter Control® of Tampa for the best services available in terms of squirrel control and getting rid of unwanted pests and visitors. For any questions, or to schedule your complimentary home consultation, call us today at 813.948.0870.

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