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If you find that you have snakes in or around your home, please contact Critter Control® of Tampa. We have professional snake trappers on our staff that can locate and remove snakes from your home.

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Remove Snakes from Your House

Snakes are one of the animals home and business owners fear most. This fear is somewhat justified, as some snakes are venomous and snakes are particularly prevalent in Florida. Even if they are not venomous, snakebites are still painful and may require medical attention.

At Critter Control of Tampa, we want our customers to cope with the fear of snakes as best they can. Sometimes this simply means becoming educated about them, but sometimes it means excluding snakes altogether. These creatures can become household pests, particularly during spring and summer, when snakes are most prevalent in Tampa. Let Critter Control teach you about snakes and how to deal with them.

Identifying Snakes

A variety of snake types exist, so identifying a particular one can be difficult. However, you can know if you have a venomous snake or not. Venomous snakes usually have spade-shaped heads and elliptical pupils. If you do not see these features, the snake probably is not venomous. If you recognize a nonvenomous breed, you may be able to release the snake yourself. However, Critter Control urges our customers to be careful and never deal with a snake infestation on their own.

How Snakes Access Your House

Most snakes will actually stay in your yard or garden. They will only venture inside if food sources are scarce or if an entry point is unsecured. Most snakes access buildings through foundational cracks, so you must ensure all points are sealed. Additionally, keep your lawn trimmed and brush piles to a minimum. Snakes often use these locations as hiding places. If possible, do not use rock piles as décor. Snakes are attracted to these as well.

Snakes love water, and Tampa is bursting with it. Be vigilant about them if you live near a lake or pond or have standing water on your property. Water moccasins in particular may pose a threat. If you find snakes anywhere on your property, keep yourself and others away. Contact Critter Control of Tampa or call 813.948.0870 for humane removal and a personalized exclusion plan.

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