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While the only place you can find koalas and kangaroos in Florida is a zoo, there’s one marsupial that has free reign throughout the Sunshine State: the Virginia opossum. Despite their rodent-like appearance, opossums are considered marsupials. Unlike their distant Australian relatives, however, these furry, long-tailed pests prefer to spend their time digging through your trash.

Your first instinct may be to take care of the opossums invading your property, but resist the urge. While these trash thieves’ first instinct is to play dead when threatened, they carry leptospirosis and parasites, and may attempt to bite you. Stay safe and leave the opossums to the professionals— call the local pest experts from Critter Control of Tampa.

How to Identify Opossums

Unlike spiders, snakes, or other pests found in Florida, opossums are easy to identify without getting too close. From nose to tail, opossums are roughly 2.5 feet long, with dark gray fur all over their bodies. In addition to their feet, which resemble human hands, they use their prehensile tails to grab onto tree limbs. While opossums typically live in the woods and swamplands, they’re often drawn to cities and suburbs in search of human’s garbage.

There’s a catch with identifying opossums, however—due to being nocturnal, it’s difficult to find and identify them during the day. Rather than risk stumbling upon an opossum in the dark, it’s best to let the pest experts from Critter Control of Tampa search for these critters. Think opossums are making a buffet out of your trash, contact our pest control experts.

Signs that You Have Opossums in the Attic

As cities develop further into opossums’ natural habitats, it becomes more and more likely that these pesky marsupials will move into less conventional homes. And as a dark, quiet area, your attic is prime real estate for them. Keep an eye out for the following signs of an opossum lurking in your attic:

  • Large animal droppings on the attic floor
  • Scratching noises in the ceiling at night
  • Shredded insulation
  • Unpleasant odors coming from your vents

If you suspect an opossum has moved into your attic, take advantage of our 24-hour emergency removal immediately. In addition to being an unwelcome roommate, opossums could transport fleas into your home or spread a variety of diseases, such as tuberculosis, Chagas, and leptospirosis.

Professional Opossum Control in Tampa

Even though they can use their tails as extra limbs, opossums are generally slow-moving, lumbering, and more likely to play dead rather than attempt to outrun any threats. Their tendency to freeze when threatened may make them seem easy to catch, but without proper protective gear and training, you may endanger yourself and the opossum.

Whether your attic has become an opossum resort or these garbage grabbers are digging through your restaurant’s dumpster, Critter Control of Tampa can take care of them for you. Our pest professionals have the tools and experience to safely trap them.

Tampa Opossum Control Service Areas

Critter Control services the following areas in greater Tampa to keep your home and business opossum free:

Humane Florida Opossum Removal

Despite the issues they can cause for homeowners and business owners throughout Florida, opossums still have their benefits. In fact, they feed on a wide range of pests, including ticks, cockroaches, rats, and mice.

Instead of exterminating these natural pest control experts, Critter Control of Tampa’s trained professionals can safely and humanely trap and relocate them away from your property. Additionally, we offer opossum exclusion solutions to keep your home, backyard, or business opossum-free. If these critters manage to re-invade during the warranty period, we guarantee to provide additional removal and repair services, free of charge.

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Safeguard your home or business from opossum invasions with Critter Control of Tampa. We offer a free inspection, valued at $299, to give you peace of mind. From strange smells coming from your attic to actually seeing an opossum rummaging through your garbage, no concern is too small for us to check out.

If opossums are closing in on your space, Critter Control of Tampa has got you covered. Contact us online or give us a call for your free inspection and estimate today!


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