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No matter what kind of pest-related issue you’ve been dealing with in Tampa, FL, critters of all shapes and sizes can cause serious damage in a small amount of time. From rats covering your attic in urine and feces to your chimney becoming a raccoon’s final destination, dealing with wildlife damage to your home’s exterior can be even more frustrating than the actual infestation.

If your Tampa home’s exterior suffers animal damage, bring in the repair and prevention experts from Critter Control of Tampa. Since 1983, we’ve proudly helped Tampa homeowners take care of current and potential signs of wildlife damage, from repairing attic insulation to placing screens on chimneys’ openings.

Whether you currently have a wildlife infestation or you want to prevent damage to your home’s exterior, you can rely on Critter Control of Tampa. Learn more about our services below or contact our team today.

Common Issues Caused by Wildlife Infestations

You may be tempted to deal with your wildlife infestation on your own, but there are some health and safety complications that come along with do-it-yourself repair and prevention efforts. Animals’ droppings often carry diseases that can be spread to you and your loved ones.

Even if you don’t actually touch the critters’ waste, you may be breathing in harmful bacteria floating in the air. Dealing with a dead animal in your home? The odor is almost impossible to eliminate on your own. Plus, animals can carry ectoparasites like bat bugs, mites, ticks, and fleas. In the event that the wildlife host is evicted, parasites may move inside the home looking for a new host—you and your loved ones.

Additionally, if damage caused by animals isn’t properly repaired and safeguarded against future infestations, it’s possible that raccoons, opossums, and other unwelcome critters may chew their way into your home once again.

How Critter Control Repairs and Prevents Exterior Wildlife Damage

Rather than take on the risk of do-it-yourself repair and prevention after an animal infestation, trust Critter Control of Tampa. Our trained, dedicated repair and cleaning crew can wipe away any sign that wildlife ever stepped paw or claw onto your property. Once the animals are removed, we’ll assess the damage and create a repair and prevention plan to help you return to safe, sanitary  living.

Tired of the dead animal funk in your chimney or attic? We can even eliminate odors caused by critters during their unwelcome stay in your living space. Talk to our team to learn more about your options.  Worried about pesticide use in your  home? We have offer brands of botanical pest control products, plus insulation with a built-in pest barrier to keep insects outdoors.

During a wildlife infestation, animals’ waste often gets inside the ventilation system and spreads throughout your home. We use special equipment to fog a fine microbial mist throughout your attic; the tiny droplets will float into deep recesses of the  attic that rodents and pathogens can get, but human cannot.

Quality Home Exterior Cleaning, Guaranteed

At Critter Control of Tampa, we don’t just promise we’ll clean up animal residue and repair animal damage to your home’s exterior after an animal infestation; we guarantee it. Our services deliver the peace of mind you deserve with an available three-year warranty. With the warranty in place, in  the event that animals invade and damage your property again, we’ll provide additional wildlife removal and repair services, free of charge.  Plus, our warranty is transferable in case you sell your home.

Erase Any Trace of Wildlife Damage with Critter Control

Whether the opossum that’s been hiding your attic no longer smells like it’s “playing” dead or there’s a leftover mouse nest clogging your gutters, give Critter Control a call. For more than three decades, our mission has been to help our friends and neighbors throughout Tampa, FL, enjoy critter-free living.

Ready to rid your home of any signs of wildlife? Request your free estimate, or give us a call today!

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