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Say Goodbye to Rat Troubles with Critter Control of Tampa: Your Trusted Solution for Rat Infestations

rat control and exclusion in Tampa

Rats wreak havoc—whether it’s chewing through wires, contaminating your attic, or posing health risks. But fear not! At Critter Control of Tampa, we’re your rat-busting experts, ready to safeguard your home or business.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Swift Action: Don’t let rats take over! Our rapid response team ensures timely intervention.
  2. Expertise: We know rats inside out—literally! From insulation nests to droppings, we’ve seen it all.
  3. Health Protection: Rats carry diseases. Our humane removal methods keep you safe.
  4. Attic Restoration: We don’t just evict rats; we restore your attic too. Say goodbye to chewed wires and unsightly mess.

Listen for Clues

Hear scratching noises in your ceiling after dark? It’s likely rats have set up camp in your attic. But don’t risk your health! Call Critter Control of Tampa for a free rate removal inspection. We’ll assess the situation, eliminate the infestation, and leave your attic pristine.

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  1. Call: Dial our rat-busting hotline at 813-948-0870.
  2. Online Inquiry: Visit our website and request a free inspection.
  3. Peace of Mind: We handle everything—from rat removal to cleanup and repairs.

Tampa’s Rat Removal Experts

Tampa’s rat species don’t stand a chance against us. Let’s reclaim your space together!

Rats are one of the most common critters that Tampa homeowners and business owners have to deal with on a daily basis. From causing excessive property damage and health issues to contaminating food supplies, the list of reasons to call Critter Control of Tampa when you find a rat in your home or business is a mile long.

Keep your home or business safe by educating yourself on rats and how to prevent them from taking over your life. From what rat species live in Tampa to how to humanely remove them, we’ve put together this guide to provide the answers to a variety of rat-related questions.

Rats in the Attic

If you think you hear scratching noises in your ceiling, it’s possible that rats have made themselves at home in your attic. If there’s a chance that rats have infested your attic, it’s crucial to act quickly. Rats can do a large amount of damage to your attic in a short period of time. Ways they can damage your attic include:

  • Using your insulation for their nests
  • Contaminating your attic with droppings and urine everywhere
  • Chewing on wiring, causing electrical problems and potential fire hazards

Rats also carry a variety of dangerous diseases that they can transmit to you. Even breathing the air that the rats have contaminated can cause you serious health issues.

If you think you may have a rat infestation in your attic, listen for scratching noises in the ceiling after dusk. Rats sleep during the day and forage for food after dark, so you’re most likely to hear them in the attic at night.

Before you venture into the attic and possibly endanger your health by breathing in air contaminated by rats, give Critter Control of Tampa call or contact us online for a free inspection today. We even offer cleanup and repair services after solving your attic’s rat infestation.

Rat Infestation

Tampa is home to a variety of rat species, each ready to ruin your day by damaging your home or business. Rat species that are commonly found in Tampa include:

  • Norway rats
  • Palm rats
  • Roof rats (also known as black rats, fruit rats)
  • Woodrats

With the exception of Norway rats, these species are most likely to enter your home by climbing your roof and chewing through tiles and sealant. Unlike the other rat species found in Florida, Norway rats pose a significant threat to your foundation, as they are known for burrowing under houses.

Due to their nighttime activity, it can be difficult to determine what rat species has infested your home or workplace. Our trained experts will gladly provide you with a free inspection to help you find out what kind of rat you’re up against.

rat removal in Tampa

Rat Removal Solutions in Tampa, FL

No matter what areas of your home rats have invaded, you’ll need solutions for removing them quickly. While you may be tempted to simply buy traps at the store, commercial traps struggle to keep up with a rat infestation’s quickly growing population. Instead, consider other solutions for solving your rat infestation, such as:

  • Rat nest removal: We remove nests and help you prevent potential nesting sites around your property, such as leaf and compost piles.
  • Extermination: When infestations require extermination, we use humane, eco-friendly sprays with non-toxic ingredients that won’t harm pets and children.
  • Dead rat removal: If extermination is required, we will also remove the dead rats from your home.
  • Exclusion: Once rats are removed, we seal all potential access points to ensure they can’t return.

Covid-19 and Increased Rat Intrusion

Have you seen increased rat activity in and around your home or business? You’re not the only one. Rats forage for food where they can find it, which has traditionally included the bountiful contents of restaurant dumpsters. But because many restaurants have closed or are operating on limited capacity due to Covid-19, rodentologists have warned that hungry rats are more likely to enter your home or business in search of food. Don’t leave food out overnight, and store what you can in secure cabinets and containers.

Areas We Service in Tampa, FL

We’re proud to service the greater Tampa area, including:

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When you need to save your home or business from a rat infestation, Critter Control of Tampa is here to help. On top of our free inspection, valued at $299, we also provide a service guarantee.

If rats damage, penetrate, or gain access during our permanent repair or exclusion device during the warranty period, we’ll remove them and reinforce the repair at no charge to you.

If you’re dealing with rats, act quickly and give us a call. You can also contact us online to schedule a free inspection or rat removal.

FAQs About Rat Removal

Are cats good for rat control?

No, cats are not good for rat control. While cats are proven to be effective against mice infestations, cats are not effective against controlling rat infestations. This is true for multiple reasons, including the lesser size difference between cats and rats. However, it is also true that the presence of cats helps deter rats from setting up shop in your home. Just don’t expect your cat to help if an infestation has set in.

How do I remove rat urine smell?

If you get a rat infestation, you don’t just have to worry about the presence of rats—you’ll also have to worry about what they leave behind. Often, that involves urine stains and smells. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to remove the smell. There are multiple effective cleaning products available for purchase at your local big box store or online. Alternatively, you can mix vinegar and water together for a simple yet effective solution.

Don’t fret if the smell keeps lingering, though. Critter Control can help with getting rid of infestations and helping you deal with the problems, smells, and damage that rodents leave behind.

How much does rat removal cost?

If the rat infestation is identified early on, removal costs can be as little as a few hundred dollars. However, rat removal costs can reach into the thousands of dollars if attic insulation is soiled and multiple access points have been created. Cleaning of rat feces, sanitizing, and insulation replacement also add to the cost. Additionally, rats can cause very costly repairs to wiring, ductwork, and more if rat infestations have gone unchecked.

Your Critter Control certified wildlife technician will provide a detailed estimate and review it with you prior to performing any work.

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