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If you head west of Tarpon Lake, you’ll discover the vibrant community of Tarpon Springs, FL. Also known as the “Sponge Capital of the World,” Tarpon Springs is home to roughly 23,000 residents and countless historic districts and properties, from the Arcade Hotel to the Tarpon Springs Greektown Historic District.

Lifelong residents, snowbird retirees, and visitors alike can agree that this shoreside community is full of exciting things to see and do, such as strolling through Fred Howard Park or lounging on Sunset Beach. The only less-than-pleasant aspect of life in Tarpon Springs is keeping pests and wildlife out of homes and businesses.

Tired of struggling with critters in or around your Tarpon Springs property? Reach out to Critter Control of Tampa for effective, targeted pest and wildlife solutions today.

Tarpon Springs Wildlife Control & Removal

Wildlife can cause a variety of issues for residents and business owners in Tarpon Springs. One or two squirrels scampering through your Parkside Colony home’s yard may not seem like a problem, but if these furry fiends find their way into your attic, they can quickly destroy your insulation. Other critters, such as raccoons, often dig through the dumpsters of stores and restaurants, which may lead to dangerous bites, scratches, or the spread of disease.

The best way to handle wild animals is to relocate and prevent them from returning to your property. At Critter Control of Tampa, our wildlife technicians can take care of the following critters for your peace of mind:

After we’ve removed wildlife from your property, we’ll gladly offer our prevention and repair services to ensure your infestation stays a distant memory. In the event that animals return to your home or business, our team will provide free, additional repair and prevention solutions, guaranteed.

Keep nature outdoors with Critter Control of Tampa and give us a call today for reliable wildlife solutions.

Tarpon Springs Pest Control and Removal Services

While it’s pretty hard to miss a giant opossum digging through your garbage, there are smaller, stealthier invaders that could be damaging your home or business right under your nose: pests. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other insects thrive in Florida’s humid, mild environment, and they’re always ready to cause property damage and create health issues.

Prevent pests from spreading diseases, gnawing on your home, or delivering bites to your loved ones, employees, or customers. Critter Control of Tampa’s team offers residential and commercial pest control solutions to help you safeguard your space. Schedule a free inspection and keep the following pests at bay:

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Every home and business in Tarpon Springs deserves reliable pest and wildlife solutions, from families in Pointe Alexis to restaurants on Dodecanese Avenue. For nearly four decades, it’s been Critter Control of Tampa’s mission to provide pest and wildlife management solutions our friends and neighbors throughout and around Tampa can trust.

Whether your pest or wildlife issue requires mechanical traps, monitors, protective screenings, or more, you can depend on our team to do everything we can help.

For residential or commercial pest or wildlife solutions, contact our team or give us a call to schedule a free inspection with one of our technicians.

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