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Known for its popular golf courses, New Tampa is serviced by Interstate 275 and Interstate 75, which runs right through the heart of the beautiful residential area. The Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Reserve and New Tampa Nature Park provide outdoor enthusiasts and their families a wonderful place to spend free time.

But, nature can quickly become too much of a good thing when pests and wildlife wander too close to your home or business. From bats in the attic to ants stealing food from your kitchen,  Critter Control of Tampa offers reliable pest and wildlife solutions to New Tampa residents and business owners. For nearly 40 years, our critter control methods have been proven to keep nuisance and hazardous critters alike out of New Tampa homes and businesses.

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Professional and Humane Wildlife Removal in New Tampa

Whether it’s raccoons ripping up your insulation or armadillos burrowing on the green, wildlife and people don’t always mix and can lead to bodily harm and property damage—even critters like pigeons can become a serious issue if allowed to get out of hand.

The professional technicians here at Critter Control of Tampa are experts at New Tampa wildlife removal and release. We’re can provide residential and commercial wildlife solutions for:

Once your critter problem has been removed, we won’t just leave you to clean up their mess. We also offer prevention and repair services to ensure there’s no trace of an infestation and eliminate the chances of reinfestation. However, if those critters do make a comeback, we provide free, additional treatments and repairs, guaranteed.

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Residential and Commercial Pest Control and Removal

They creep and they crawl which can be a little spine tingling, but small pests have the potential to be just as hazardous as wildlife. Mosquitoes for example, are one of the deadliest insects in the world. Regardless of size you need protection from these invaders for your home and business.

Maybe you’ve come across an unwanted beehive or you caught a cockroach in your pantry. No matter the pest, Critter Control of Tampa has you covered with pest control in New Tampa for residential and commercial properties. Schedule a free pest inspection for a variety of pests, including: 

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Rather than just managing your critter problem, our experts at Critter Control Of Tampa will get to the root of your critter problem in your New Tampa home or business and eliminate it for good.

Since 1983, we’ve provided effective and humane pest and wildlife solutions throughout Tampa, New Tampa, and the surrounding areas. Our certified technicians use various mechanical traps, monitors, and screens and nettings to prevent future critter problems.

Regardless of size, we take all New Tampa pest and wildlife issues seriously—to schedule a free inspection of your residence or business, give us a call or contact us online today!

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