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Unlike their harmless millipede cousins, centipedes can become a frustrating and painful nuisance in your home or business. As carnivorous arthropods, centipedes are aggressive hunters, and often invade your home in search of insects to devour.

While some species, such as the house centipede, often act as natural pest control agents, their unsettling appearance and tendency to bite make them unwelcome guests in any Tampa living space or workplace. Learn more about these pesky invaders and how Critter Control of Tampa’s experts can safeguard your home or business from them.

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Types of Centipedes in Florida

A wide variety of centipede species call Florida home, but the three following types cause the most trouble for residents and business owners:

  • Florida blue centipede
  • Bark centipede
  • House centipede

While each species has a unique appearance, these fast-moving critters often bite when they feel threatened. Avoid rashes, swelling, and other unpleasant side effects of a centipede bite—bring in the local critter experts from Critter Control of Tampa to safely and accurately identify the centipedes pestering your property,

Florida Blue Centipede

Florida blue centipedes are blue-gray in color, and measure about 3 inches in length. They can deliver a painful bite that’s similar to a bee sting with their pincher-like fangs. Like all centipede species, they’re drawn to moisture, and often invade basements, bathrooms, and other damp areas.

Bark Centipede

These brownish-red centipedes can grow up to 3 inches in length, and can inflict a painful bite with their fangs. While bark centipedes are more likely to wander around your yard or garden in search of their next meal, their slim bodies allow them to squeeze through cracks into your space to escape cooler weather.

House Centipede

While they’re the smallest of the three species at barely over an inch in length, house centipedes are certainly the most unsettling to look at. Their dark brown-yellow bodies are almost entirely surrounded by long, light-colored legs, which makes them look more like nightmarish spiders than centipedes. They’re also incredibly fast, moving at 16 inches per second (the equivalent of a human running at 42 miles per hour).

Despite their nightmare-inducing appearance, house centipedes are actually beneficial for homes and businesses, as they hunt a variety of pests, such as cockroaches and moths. Additionally, their small jaws prevent them from inflicting bites on people.

Centipede Service Areas in Greater Tampa

Critter Control of Tampa is happy to provide centipede control solutions to the following communities in greater Tampa, FL:

Professional Centipede Control in Tampa

They may not pose threats to your health or cause property damage, but no one enjoys the shock or potential bites that centipedes inflict upon the households or businesses they infest. While you can try to seal cracks and holes in your walls or dehumidify your basement, it’s difficult to completely prevent centipedes without the help of professionals.

For centipede-free living in Florida, you can depend on Critter Control of Tampa. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and tools to rid your residential or commercial property of centipedes and keep them from invading in the future. If you discover centipedes in your home or business during the warranty period, we guarantee, free of charge, to provide additional pest control and removal services.

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