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Urban Wildlife Control

Wildlife control doesn’t necessarily just mean suburban or rural areas. Critter Control of Tampa proudly Bird-controlserves these locations, but urban wildlife control is important to us as well. In fact, urban wildlife control often needs more attention than suburban or rural control because big cities give animals more opportunities to nest, feed, and wreak havoc. If you are an urban resident and dealing with pests, Critter Control always has your back.

Why Urban Wildlife Control is Important

Urban wildlife control in Tampa is different from its suburban and rural counterparts in many key ways. Most of this comes down to the location itself and the animals it attracts. For example, cities have reputations for attracting rats, mice, and pigeons rather than say, armadillos and wild hogs. This reputation is honest – animals like rats and pigeons tend to travel in large groups, and urban areas give them more opportunities to spread out and make their homes among humans.

Additionally, the crowding of urban areas makes it easy for infestations to occur. Animals like bats, pigeons, and squirrels are relatively small, but they run out of space eventually. This is particularly true in the apartments and condos that are common in urban areas. When household pests run out of space, they are forced into the open. This gives them more room to breed and leave waste. It also increases humans’ risk of stumbling on a dead animal and possibly contracting its diseases.

Our Urban Wildlife Control Methods

At Critter Control, we work within the law and with local agencies to ensure we bring all urban infestations under control humanely. We use release-on-sight, one-way doors, and many other humane exclusion methods.

Our staff includes biologists, zoologists, anti-cruelty experts, and other people well versed in animal behavior. They routinely use their knowledge to make sure animals can find the food and shelter they need outside urban areas. If you have other questions about our wildlife control methods, call 813.948.0870 or contact us for a consultation.

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