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Black and yellow terrors, wasps have no qualms with attacking pets and humans of all ages in defense of their nests. Wasp stings are painful and even dangerous to those with wasp venom allergies. 

Wasp Control, Removal and Protection in Tampa: Your Shield Against Stingers

Our certified wasp removal experts are on the case. We’re not just about extermination; we provide environmentally friendly solutions. When wasps threaten your peace, we’re here to restore it.

Thankfully, the certified wasp removal experts at Critter Control are here to help. We provide environmentally friendly wasp removal, wildlife removal, and pest control solutions in and around the greater Tampa area. 

Don’t let wasps rule your domain. Reach out online or call us at 813-948-0870. Let’s reclaim your space from the stingers

Types of Stinging Insects in Tampa

A wide range of stinging insects call the Sunshine State home, but the following wasp and hornet species are the most common culprits when it comes to pestering Florida residents and business owners. While this guide can help you identify the stinging insect you’re dealing with, it’s always best to leave the inspection of pests to the experts.

wasp removal in tampa

Wasps and hornets are fiercely protective of their hives and nests and will not hesitate to unleash a swarm of stings upon anyone who gets too close to their homes. Our technicians have the protective equipment and experience to safely and effectively remove stinging insects from your property. Contact Critter Control of Tampa for stinging insect solutions and 24-hour emergency removal today.

Bees in Tampa

Compared to wasps and hornets, your humble bee is significantly less likely to exhibit aggression. At the same time, bees such as honeybees are a significant source of pollination. Even so, a big bee nest can be a problem—especially near your business or if you or your family are allergic. In addition to wasp and hornet control, Critter Control also provides bee removal in Tampa

Wasps in Florida

While they may not produce honey, wasps are actually important pollinators and often act as natural pest control. They feed on aphids, caterpillars, and other common insects. Despite wasps’ contributions to the environment, they are more dangerous than bees. Wasps can be very aggressive, and their smooth stingers allow them to inject venom into their victims more than once.

Keep an eye out for these wasp species around your home or business:

  • Mud Daubers: Bluish-black in color, and build their nests on roofs, porches, and more.
  • Yellow Jackets: Black and yellow bands, and typically build their nests underground.
  • Paper Wasps: Black or dark brown bodies with yellow markings. Nests can be found on trees, roof eaves, and more.

Hornets in Florida

Despite their name, hornets are actually considered types of wasps. In fact, the only major differences between hornets and wasps are their size and color. Depending on the species, hornets can grow to almost 1.5 inches in length, dwarfing their wasp relatives.

Additionally, they can cause serious damage to trees and bushes, as they feed on the plant’s sap and strip the bark away to build nests. Whether you’ve noticed a large insect zooming by your deck or found a large nest on your property, call Critter Control of Tampa to deal with these hornet species:

  • Bald-Faced Hornets: White and black stripes, and build their papery nests in trees and bushes.
  • European Hornets: Red, black, and yellow coloring, and nest in trees, barns, and attics.

Wasp Exterminator in Tampa, FL

Wasps can be terrifying creatures. They’re large and in charge and aren’t at all timid to protect their nests. And since wasps can sting and inject venom more than once, they are far more likely to do so than bees. Even if you’re not allergic, such stings can be very painful and result in swelling and unsightly redness.
Fortunately, you don’t have to try and spray store-bought products or try out your DIY wasp control “solutions”. Just call Critter Control of Tampa for wasp extermination and removal in Tampa, FL. You can also request your free inspection online.

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