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Nestled between Saint Joseph Sound and the western shore of Old Tampa Bay lies the coastal community of Clearwater, a scenic, fun place to visit or call home just outside of Tampa, FL. Known for its white sand beaches and incredible views of the Gulf of Mexico, Clearwater is an ideal place to move to or snowbird for the winter.

Whether you’re exploring Coachman Park or learning about oceanic wildlife at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful area. The only issue with Clearwater? The constant struggle to prevent bats, termites, cockroaches, and other frustrating pests from invading homes and businesses.

When you need pest & wildlife solutions you can depend on in Clearwater, FL, you can trust Critter Control of Tampa. Check out more about how we can assist you below, or contact our pest experts to start living pest-free today.

Clearwater Wildlife Control and Removal

Raccoons may have earned the endearing term “trash pandas,” but they and other wildlife, such as rats and opossums, can pose a serious threat to homes and businesses throughout Clearwater. Many wildlife species carry serious diseases that they can spread through bites or waste, while others may shred your attic’s insulation for their nest.

Regardless of what kind of wildlife has found its way onto your property, it’s crucial to return them to where they belong and prevent them from returning. When you depend on Critter Control of Tampa’s experienced wildlife technicians, rest assured we’ll control and prevent the following critters from invading:

In addition to removing and relocating wildlife, we’re glad to offer prevention and repair services to avoid repeat incidents. If critters manage to come back, we’ll provide free, additional treatments and repair services, guaranteed.

Don’t wait for your wildlife problem to solve itself—give us a call today for reliable control and prevention solutions.

Pest Control & Removal Services from Critter Control

Finding ants in your kitchen may not be as alarming as confronting a hissing opossum rifling through your trash, but they and other pests can cause major issues for Clearwater residents and business owners. From termite damage to the wooden structures of your home to cockroaches scuttling in your restaurant’s kitchen, pests can inflict serious property damage and health issues.

Dealing with a pest infestation in or around your property? Critter Control of Tampa has you covered. We offer residential and commercial pest control in Clearwater Beach for your peace of mind. Schedule a free inspection and eliminate the following pests:

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Whether you own a small business in downtown Clearwater or you’ve just moved to your new home in Glenwood, we believe everyone in the community should be able to enjoy all that Clearwater has to offer without worrying about pests or wildlife.

For almost 40 years, we’ve been committed to providing effective, targeted solutions for pest & wildlife management around Tampa and the surrounding areas. From mechanical traps and monitors to netting and screening to prevent future critter problems, we take wildlife and pest issues seriously.

No matter if you need residential or commercial pest or wildlife solutions, contact us online or give us a call to schedule your free inspection today.

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