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Unwanted animals on your property are a big problem, but even after you get rid of them, the
damage still remains. At Critter Control we remove the problem and fix the damage.Critter Control attic clean out equipment

Critter Control has handled animal damage control for the past 20 years, so we have first-hand experience with all of Tampa’s animal challenges. We know if animal damage is not repaired
properly, it will become an entry point in the future. To avoid this, we work quickly to solve the problem permanently.

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Animal damage control may involve cleaning and sanitizing areas to avoid the spread of disease
and contamination of food and water. It may entail adding mesh wire to holes to prevent
squirrels or raccoons from finding the weak spot in your home’s exterior.

We look beyond existing entry points and locate potential problem areas, such as loose soffits,
weather-weakened fascia, or loose vents and screens. Other animal damage control could
mean odor removal of a dead animal or a skunk’s spray. Whatever the situation, Critter Control
has the expert team to tackle it.

Our quality service and professional staff has provided us with a stellar reputation in the Tampa
area. Better Business Bureau has awarded us an A+ rating, and we hold the Angie’s List Super
Service Award.

If you need animal damage control in Tampa, call us at 813-948-0870 to schedule your free inspection.

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