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""Just because it’s not obvious to the naked eye, doesn’t mean that your backyard isn’t teeming with wildlife. And this is just as true in suburban and urban areas as it is in rural locations. All kinds of animals are attracted to human habitation – though many are nocturnal or avoid human contact. However, they do leave evidence of their presence, and smart property owners take note. Left un-managed, wildlife can be a destructive element in your yard and home. Here are a few examples of common critters and what attracts them:

1. Raccoons

Raccoons live in all areas of Florida that have trees, their preferred nesting and sleeping area. They generally come out at night to forage through gardens, stored garbage, and if they can find an access point, inside homes and commercial buildings. Covering vegetable beds, securing garbage and compost bins, and making sure your home has an envelope free of raccoon-sized entry points is essential since raccoons not only make a mess, they are carriers of serious diseases such as rabies, tuberculosis, and distemper.

2. Squirrels

These critters may be cute, but they can do a lot of damage. They are generally searching for food or a warm place to nest and will gnaw through building materials to get at it. Make sure all the buildings on your property are properly sealed, closed up at night, and that your yard is clear of debris and garbage. Squirrels have been known to burrow into parked cars to nest – they can be very determined.

3. Possums

Possums are not as frequently seen close to humans, but with shrinking natural habitats, even these shy nocturnal creatures may become a destructive problem close to home. They gravitate to garages, out-buildings, attics or crawlspaces in search of food and shelter.

Professional Wildlife Removal in Tampa

It is always advisable to let wildlife removal experts handle wildlife issues. At Critter Control® of Tampa, our technicians will not only take care of any existing wildlife problem; they can demonstrate how to safeguard your property against future infestations. Don’t waste time looking for a DIY solution; call Critter Control today to set up a consultation with our professional and experienced team.

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