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If squirrels are a common pest around your home, you may get ""the urge to take matters into your own hands. Their incessant chattering and grand schemes to steal your food can get old very fast.  However, it can be difficult to trap and remove squirrels from your home without the proper tools or knowledge.

Common Reasons Traps Don’t Work

We at Critter Control® of Tampa have worked in the squirrel trapping business for over two decades, so we know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to catching these critters. Some of the most common reasons DIYer’s traps don’t work include the following:

  • Insufficient traps that squirrels can escape easily
  • Improper placement of traps, away from high traffic areas
  • Food for the trap that doesn’t attract squirrels
  • Incorrect set-up of trap

Live cage traps and one way door exclusions are the most effective kinds of traps when dealing with squirrels. If placed in an area with high squirrel traffic and proper bait, your traps are more likely to be successful.


The kind of bait you use in your traps can make a huge difference. If a squirrel is uninterested in the kind of food you lay out for it, it won’t even go near the trap since it is a foreign object. The cheapest and most common types of bait for squirrels are peanuts with the shells still on or peanut butter. A combination of the two will work well.

Stability of Traps

The location of your trap is one of the most important parts of trapping squirrels. A trap located in the areas with the highest amount of squirrel traffic will be more successful. However, another thing to take into account is its stability. You’ll want to make sure your trap is placed in a sturdy place where wobbling or movement is very minimal, that way the squirrels feel safe entering the traps.

Expert Help

It is important to remember the dangers of handling squirrels, even if they’re in cages. When they feel threatened, squirrels can lash out and attack you, resulting in injuries or even the spread of disease. If you trap a squirrel, handle it with great caution and care. Or better yet, contact the expert squirrel trappers at Critter Control® Tampa to do it for you. We’ll quickly and safely trap and remove all unwanted squirrels from your home and property, so you won’t have to worry about them bothering you again. For more information, or to schedule your free consultation, call us today.

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