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Living in Florida comes with the best benefit of mild winters. While harsh winters can put a pause on many pest pressures, that’s not the same with Florida. Let’s not beat around the bush: you need pest control in winter in the Tampa area.

Whether you are a resident year-round or a snowbird for the season, you will still want to protect your home with pest control this winter. Critter Control can help you keep pests away from your property this season and wants to share with you some pests that you want to be mindful of even during a Florida winter.  

What Pests Can Be Found During Winter?

The pests you want to avoid during warmer months in Tampa can be but are not always the same pests during the cooler months, but the pests exist nevertheless. With the high levels of humidity that Florida brings, many pests are drawn to the warmth and moisture inside your home or business. Below are some popular pests seen during winter and why they can be harmful. 


Even in cooler climates, rodents are still something that you want to avoid, with rats posing a particular threat. From carrying diseases to chewing on your property, rats are not something you want to deal with on your own, especially an infestation. Identifying a rat and removing it from your home is the job for a trained professional. To avoid dealing with rats in your home this winter, pest control is your best bet at not paying any future expenses from unwanted damage. 


Florida is an oasis year-round, and cockroaches are on the hunt for the same heat. Although you can take your own preventative measures such as keeping your home clean from trash and food and sealing all entry points into your home, pest control is the best way to keep cockroaches from damaging your home. Due to the harm cockroaches can cause in your home and from the diseases their species carry, call Critter Control for professional help if you happen to spot one on your property. 


Similar to other pests, ants are also one to search for moisture and love to find their way onto your property through your foundation or live in surrounding mulch. During the colder months these tiny pests will happily make their way into your home to feast on what your pantry has to offer. Investing in winter pest control now can help you pay for any professional help down the road if an infestation occurs.

Bed Bugs 

Snowbirds travel all over the country to the Tampa Bay area for the winter. Unfortunately, bed bugs are more than willing to hitch rides and capitalize on the additional traffic. Whether you encounter bed bugs when you arrive or if you’ve brought them with you—and don’t feel bad if that’s the case; bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of and find—Critter Control of Tampa can help.


Although not as harmful and usually seen year-round, spiders are definitely a pest you do not want to invade your home. The reason you want professional pest control when it comes to spiders is because identifying a spider species can be tricky, and you never know how dangerous one may be. Because of this, it is best to prevent them at all costs with professional prevention. 

Are There Alternatives to Winter Pest Control?

Understanding that winter months can still attract pests to your property in Florida means that pest control is your best solution. However, are there other ways to avoid pest infestations? Although pest control is your safest, most effective solution, there are some things you can do this winter that will help.

It’s important to seal any ways pests can enter your home. Check around your doors, windows, walls, piping, and foundation for areas that could use a little more protection. Additionally, it can never hurt to keep your home clean inside and out. Keep your floor clear of crumbs and make sure any bins that you have in storage are closed tightly. Take your trash out regularly and be sure that it is in a secure bin once outside. 

Critter Control Pest Control Solutions

If you are looking for pest control in Florida, look no further than Critter Control. From highly trained technicians to sustainable solutions, we can help you protect your home this winter. Even if you will only be in Florida visiting your vacation home for a few months to escape the cold of your home state, pest control can help you avoid future unwanted expenses and allow you to enjoy the Sunshine State. 

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Whether you are wanting to take action now with pest control solutions or already have a pest issue on your hands, Critter Control can help you. We offer free consultations, and you can even request a quote online today. Protect your Florida home this winter and give us a call to find out how we can assist you. 

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