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Food storage tips for rodent preventionNobody wants rats or mice running around in their house at night. Even worse is when these pesky varmints start chewing their way through the food in your pantry or storage area. Be assured that, if rodents do end up making a nest somewhere inside your home, they will eventually try to get at your food. One key step for any rodent prevention plan is proper food storage. The reason is simple: eliminate rodent food sources and you will eliminate the rodents. Here are some easy ways to secure your food and deter rats and mice from infesting your home.

Use Glass and Metal Containers

Rats and mice can’t chew their way through thick, solid glass containers. One popular type is the mason jar. They are cheap, durable, versatile food storage containers that can hold anything from rice to bacon fat and olive oil. Metal tins can also keep rodents out of your food. Repurpose some old boy scout popcorn tins to store some of your non-perishable items. The trick is limiting the amount of cardboard and plastic containers in your pantry.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Though some people might not like to hear it, the cleaner your kitchen is, the better. Don’t leave any food out on the counter overnight. Otherwise you are virtually telling pests to come and get it. The same goes for your pantry. Mice and rats can squeeze through tight spaces like the crack between a pantry door and the floor. Keeping things tidy also limits places rodents can hide.

Store Containers on Shelves

Similarly, keep food off of the ground as much as possible, even when it is packaged in a box. Make your food difficult for rodents to access, and you will deter them from trying to get to it. They can easily get to food on the ground or near open walls, but it is much harder for them to scale shelves.

If you ever see signs that rodents have been getting to your food, you will want to call Critter Control® of Tampa immediately. If they’ve been eating your food, it is unlikely that they will leave your house of their own accord. Our technicians can come up with a plan to rid your house of the pests for good and keep them from coming back. For a free consultation, simply call 813-948-0870 today!

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