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Florida residents are no strangers to slithery, scaly snakes which means ""you may see snakes wandering around your property in search of food and shelter. And while snakes in their natural habitat will keep to themselves, if you have children or pets that love playing outside, it can be dangerous. That’s why we at Critter Control® of Tampa have come up with three of the best methods to use when ridding your property of snakes.

Clean Up Your Yard

If your yard is prone to snake activity, it could be because it is cluttered with debris like branches, foliage, and rocks. Snakes like yards full of items so they have places to hide when hunting and sleeping. Here are some ways you can deter snakes from your property:

    • Trim down overgrown bushes and brush
    • Clear your yard of toys, rocks, large branches, and fallen foliage
    • Ensure that your doors and garage door don’t have large cracks underneath
    • Seal any openings around your home so snakes cannot get in
    • Build a fence around the entirety of your home

Snake Traps

These only work well with snakes that have made their way inside of your home. Since snake traps are specially designed to attract and catch snakes, you should only use them when you are certain of a snake problem inside your If you try to use them outside, in a snake’s natural habitat, other kinds of harmless critters may get trapped and suffer an inhumane death.

Snake Repellant

Unless you are using a natural repellant like mongoose urine or kingsnake musk, most snake repellants you will find in stores don’t work well, and will only exacerbate the problem. If setting up traps in your home and clearing your yard of debris has not alleviated your problem, you’ll need to hire a professional animal removal service to get the job done.

Snake Removal Services You Can Trust

At Critter Control® Tampa, we’ve been servicing the surrounding communities for over two decades, so we’ve got the experience and knowledge to be the top critter removal service in the area. When you call us, we’ll send out a friendly technician to assess your problem at no additional cost. We’ll even clean up after any messes they’ve made. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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